Inspiration: Coloring with Inks – 21 Card Tutorials

Inspiration: Coloring with Inks – 21 Card Tutorials

I’ve gathered a bunch of projects that use ink pads as a primary coloring medium – some combined with others. Lots of fun to be had when these supplies all join forces!

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Easy Ombré Holiday Cards

Layered Flamingo stamps in distress inks

When to watercolor with Distress Ink vs Distress Oxide

Coloring with Inks and Pens (Sendak-inspired)

Color by layering distress ink colors

Stamp a Pattern on Vellum

Stamped Quilted Hexagon Card – Distress Inks

One Wreath Three Ways (Distress Oxide, Copic, Colored Pencil)

Watercoloring Realistic Narwhals in distress ink

Spring Bouquet Card in Distress Oxide and Watercolor

Mixed Media Angel Card

Create Distress Ink Flowers using dies

Inlaid die + ink blending + interactive slider card

Distress Ink Watercolor

Retro Inking

Inked Watercolor Lilacs

Stamping Multicolor Sentiments

Distress inks, meet paints!

Make a circus scene in distress oxide inks

Distress Oxide Watercolor Clean and Simple Card

Easy Breezy Watercolor – Distress Oxide and Watercolor

Pen and Ink Inspiration

Pen and Ink Inspiration

Are you as obsessed with fountain pens and other black drawing pens as I am?? Gah! Hold my wallet please!

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My fountain pen recommendations

Drawing out my creative process:

Epic forest drawing

White pen doodling

No-bleed Rendr sketchbook

Livestream Scribble Sketching:

Watch on YouTube

Ink with bleach

Drawing a baby ringed seal

Nib sizes for ink sketching

Redrawing this childhood crayon art:

Scribble Sketch of a bear

Value Practice in pen and ink

Quarantine Toilet Paper and Copic Fountain Pens

Channeling PeterDraws

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Alcohol Ink: 12 inspirational tutorials

Alcohol Ink: 12 inspirational tutorials

In need of a little inspiration as we are into Christmas break? This should keep you busy if you’re done with all the chores and have time to play!

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Alcohol Ink solutions – and the gravity technique

Otterlicious Backgrounds

Alcohol Hex Tile Art

Alcohol Ink – Supplies overview

Making Sticky Alcohol Inks UnSticky

Evolution of a Cigar box

When Art Goes Wrong

Yupo Roundup I: my earliest Yupo experiments

Ocean Painting in Alcohol Ink (and Acrylic)

Alcohol Ink Texture Playtime

Painting an underwater scene with Various Ink Refills

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