Brought to you by IGTV! I mentioned earlier this year that I’d be doing 2 little videos a week or so on instagram….and they seem to be super popular. I love that! I don’t think folks realize how much angst goes into voiceovers…lol.

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On one of them posted recently, though, I found an AMAZING number of questions about basic supplies I was sure everyone knew about – and boy howdy was I wrong! So I rescued the footage for this cute little CAS card and popped it onto a quick video for the non-insta world too.

View on YouTube.


Be careful what ink colors you layer in something like this; if you mix yellow red (or pink) and blue, you get brown or some version of a neutral!

The new dies from Ellen Hutson make frames – so you get double duty when cutting out a shape! The dies come out with the new release Sunday so keep your eyes peeled.

Glossy Accents is a glue, but it dries super clear! I didn’t get pics of this after it dried but it DOES dry nice and shiny…but since it was just a fast instgram card and already got mailed, well, I didn’t snap any stills.


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