As promised, World Watercolor Month isn’t 100% watercolor anywhere except my fine art Instagram account – instead, I’ll be doing other fun things likc coloring water…in other mediums. Today? Alcohol inks plus a little acrylic!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

I’d been wanting to make clock faces for a while – when I saw NARA sold round paper that was the first thing that came to mind! My problem? I bought 12″ clock parts and….10” paper. Ha! Had to go back and order the 12” – which means now I can make more round art with all this paper! So doublecheck if you want to do this project that you get the right sizes. Colors I used were Ranger’s Mermaid and Laguna for the water, and Ginger and Honeycomb for the sand.

This one was my first try at this – and I used a bunch of techniques on the sand from the Terrestrial Alcohol Ink class. I hope it inspires my students for something else they can do with those techniques!

Interested in more?

I have two classes in alcohol inks that you might find interesting:


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