Ok tell me in comments: Which part of the title of this post brought you here? (I’m dying to know how many want to know about the TP or pens! ha!)

I hope you won’t find this a letdown no matter which you came for! The video covers both – a toilet paper craft you can make to gift to your favorite essential workers or neighbors…..and most of the selection of Copic multiliners – and FOUNTAIN PENS! Yep! They exist! (Supplies are compiled at the end of this post.)

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Here’s the video – scroll on down for the pics and more description.

View on YouTube.

Copic-friendly pens

I’ve had multiliners for a long time, and I like having a selection of sizes so I can match it to the line weight of my project or stamp set. These pens can be used for a drawing, then Copic color on top won’t bleed or smudge.

The multiliners come in a variety of packs, depending on where you get them – they can have all the pens or smaller selections, and you can find them in sepias or greys too.

My suspicion on the Copic fountain pens is that they’ve been around a long while and I’m only learning about them belatedly – because they aren’t widely available. Blick carries F01 and F02 … but Amazon only carries the F02 — sooooo that might well mean they’re on the way out rather than in.

My thoughts: they aren’t a necessity, just a fun thing! They’re disposable, which means they aren’t refillable, so they’re just going to sit in a landfill someday. They don’t have the “flow” of a regular fountain pen either….they’re nice but not a must-have. But they are nice if you’re a doodler who mixes your drawing with Copic!

My crazy toilet paper project was SO fun to create, and soo easy – thank you Google for having African fabrics that I could search through for ideas and a simple design like this!


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