In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing a beautiful project I’ve made over course of the last few months – and the near-fail included! It was painted in alcohol inks on a treated cigar box.

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I’m not one who does much mixed media or non-paper projects! So this is indeed a rarity. But it took me a long time–months—from the start of prep of the box, to trying to think of what to paint on it, to actually doing it! See how in the video; more tips are below.

View on YouTube.

I purchased the cigar box literally YEARS ago. Crazy! It kept gathering dust and I decided I’d start – by applying Daniel Smith watercolor grounds in several layers. But…I didn’t know what to paint on it! So it sat there with grounds on it for months.

Then came my revived alcohol ink addiction, and I saw someone recommend Killz2 sealant – and decided to try it! I did need to sand the thing down since it got so lumpy inside and out from all the grounds. (I applied my layers with the applicator tool.)

I had a BLAST with the alcohol ink on this; I struggled in getting the sides to “meet up” with designs on the top and abandoned the idea. Once finished it was just slightly tacky, even after overnight, in areas where the edgets of the flowers were thick. I decided to get some spray varnish to finish it off. Fortunately I didn’t put on a super HEAVY coat because I accidentally bought white not clear!!? Gah! But – it made the alcohol inks look a bit pastel, which was totally the coolest surprise ever!

When all that was finished I added these “feet” from Tim Holtz to it – I bought them so many years ago I couldn’t find them again, but he likely has more by now!

I haven’t decided what to store inside it…any suggestions?


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