Happy Sunday! It’s my Monday video a day early….just so I can remind you of the project over at Ellen’s today too. Coz, I totally get it that I put out too much stuff and nobody can catch me with all my running around. Ha!

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You saw this project if you visited my new release post on Friday – just a peek at it but today you get to see how I made it. Including how my crooked stamping (which makes me incapable of getting an even outline with a die around a stamp) led to a solution for this card that made it BETTER. Don’t yell at your messups, they might find you new tricks to try!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I’m so excited to send this to a friend who’s starting a new biz….she lost her job during the pandemic and has been working behind the scenes to get started on sometehing new of her own, and I’m tickled for her!

And now, your reminder….

Go see the pretty tulips at Ellen’s!


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