Hello friends! Hope you’ve had a good week. It’s been…well it’s been one around here, know what I mean? So I made something beautifully yellow to cheer myself up. And whoever I send it to as well!

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I made a similar card earlier this year that I shared on social media (keep scrollin’) but this time I wanted to try it in watercolor – and I loved how it worked out!

View on YouTube.

You can use other flowers and sentiments with this technique, but I had to use Mondo Pansy, – such a pretty flower! Nice and loose and easy.

And maybe I’m the only one – but I love super pretty cards that LOOK like they’re layered but aren’t. Less extra postage on the envelope!

Here’s the inspiration card. The card front is the light green paper; the outside border is Copic. There’s a tiny bit of Copic in the flowers too, then I added some dimension to the lettering.


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