Today I am tickled to show you a really simple way to make a stunning 5″ x 7″ flower card – and even though I added some “real” watercolor treats, you can do this with just stamp inks!

Tutorial: Inked Watercolor Lilacs (easy)

I found that Catherine Pooler inks work well for this technique; they do melt out as watercolor, but they don’t “fall apart” (ie wash out) the way sometimes Distress Inks do. But if distress inks are whatcha got, give it a try too, just be careful how much water you add.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube and leave comments over there.

Look at all that luscious purple! I did add some blue to it as you saw but its really pretty with just the purple ink. For the green leaves you can also add some green inks – but I don’t have much green ink selection! I used Sage to stamp half the sentiment, and I was wishing I had a stronger green.

Such simple supplies to make such a stunning card, eh?

Need more inspiration for spring flowers? Check out this huge post with lots of tutorials and ideas:


  1. Teri Smith

    I’m going back & re-reading your blog posts& re-watching your videos & am thoroughly enjoying them & always learn a little bit. I appreciate your emails in my inbox Sandy. I think I should try this technique as I love the water coloured look.

  2. Rosy Newlun

    Boy did this ever explode into lilac colors! Beautiful techniques! Thank you

  3. Marisela Delgado

    Absolutely stunning, Sandy!

  4. Gab

    Just beautiful Sandy

  5. GiniK

    Great idea! I don’t happen to have any Catherine Pooler inks, but I’ll give this a try with some of the other dye inks I have. That will give me a good project for today… anything to keep me from having to organize receipts, etc for my income tax accountant!


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