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I’m Sandy, and I believe you can achieve far more in your art than you think you can. I’m living proof. If I can do it, you can, too!

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 125+ classes await you, from beginner to advanced in a variety of mediums! Jump in where you’re most comfortable and learn at your own pace.

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I’ve created over 1200 YT tutorials since 2007! Each is in a blog post here with a guide to help you sort through it all. Tap the arrow above to get inspired.

Hex Charts and Printables

Tap the arrow for Hex Charts for markers and pencils —plus some free color charts and printable images too!

My mission

I exist to see people released into the creativity they were born with.

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About the artist

A bit about my history and perpective on art, learning, and living a creative lifestyle.


Visit my online gallery and browse through the archives of different mediums.

Daily sketching

Creating every day is a must to grow as an artist – see my daily exercises and receive them in emails if you like!

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Choose a piece to frame for your own wall, or as a gift. Or commission a piece of your very own!



I created the hex chart system first for Copic markers – ironically out of a rather lazy attitude! I wanted to continue my art without stopping to re-ink pens, so I scribbled colors next to each other to see what was the closest I could get away with. Then needed to sort all those scraps into something I could relocate….and a chart was born.

That led to creating charts for Prismacolor, Polychromos, and Luminance Pencils, too! They’re for sale so everyone can skip the pain I went through.

I can’t afford all the brands though…I need full sets to make charts. Sorry, no watercolor media since few printers use waterproof ink.

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