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Let’s take an adventure in creativity together! I’m Sandy Allnock, and I believe everyone can achieve far more than they think they can. I’d love the chance to assist you in reaching your creative goals!

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I make things. With markers, paints, pencils, pretty much anything that makes marks. And on all kinds of surfaces. I’m not afraid to try out crazy ideas!

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A growing collection of Hex Charts for Copics and pencils can help you choose colors or track what you own. Tap the arrow for printables and freebies too!

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 I wrote Bible journaling Made Simple… there’s both an instructional and a workbook version; best place to find them is searching my name on Amazon.

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My mission

I exist to see people released into the creativity they were born with.

Most Recent Tutorials


On being fashionable – and trying fashion illustration with sunflowers

I'm not particularly...fashionable. I don't have the latest coolest outfits, you can ask my friends if I'm an embarrassment to be seen with! I still own —and wear—a tshirt I've had since highschool! In the 1970s!! I have to admit I don't even know what IS fashionable...

Making Perspective Drawing Easier

I've had a lot of students go through my drawing classes; some fly through the perspective lessons, and some get stuck. I'm always trying to figure out how to make it simpler for everyone.....and today is another attempt at that! Grab yourself a block (or a square or...

Draw a cute pushcart with waterbased markers

Last week I'd promised another cute watermelon project and while I'm sure not a lot of people were on pins and needles waiting...*I* was wanting to get to this! I could "see" the cart in my head and was awaiting the full set of Sketchmarker Aqua markers; I'd planned...

How to use Sketchmarker and Copic Color Charts

Color charts, color charts, color charts - it's a FIESTA! I hope these will be helpful to you all in participating in the fundraiser below - Sketchmarkers are new-ish in America where I am and not a lot of people know much about them. If you've been pondering trying a...

How to doodle a Copic watermelon

We finally got our version of the heat wave where I live! I know a lot of you have had it worse than we do for longer....but I've got no air conditioning so do I get to gripe a little about 89 degrees inside the studio? LOL! Anyhow...this week's theme is one that will...



I created the hex chart system first for Copic markers – ironically out of a rather lazy attitude! I wanted to continue my art without stopping to re-ink pens, so I scribbled colors next to each other to see what was the closest I could get away with. Then needed to sort all those scraps into something I could relocate….and a chart was born.

That led to creating charts for Prismacolor, Polychromos, and Luminance Pencils, too! They’re for sale so everyone can skip the pain I went through.

I can’t afford all the brands though…I need full sets to make charts. Sorry, no watercolor media since few printers can print with waterproof ink.

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