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Art and Papercrafting Gift Guide 2016


Hello friends! It’s that time of year – Black Friday sales will be upon us, and the whole holiday season as well. Fill up your cart and be ready to click once the sales get underway! I hear Ellen has a crazy-awesome sale ahead and will add that info here as soon as I know details!

  • (Note that Blick already has a sale going: use code CEER for 15% off non-sale orders of $79 or more, 20% off non-sale orders of $99 or more, and free shipping on orders of $45 or more. Exclusions apply. Offers end midnight PST 11/24/16.)

Giveaway: the set of 12 watercolors shown in the video! I’ll announce a winner Sunday! Leave a comment on this post. ūüôā

Art and Papercrafting Gift Guide 2016

The holiday shopping season is fast coming up on us…and since I regularly get questions anyway about getting “started” with a variety of mediums, I’m tackling a bunch here. It’s not exhaustive – but it’s a start, and in the video I share a bunch of ideas for things you can do personally to help people get a little education too. Let’s go!Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

And now…the links! First a picture of each, and below it are links to the items. Go share some art! Affiliate links used. Read More


Coloring Books


Copic Flowers


Beginning Copic for cardmakers – animals


Copic People


Beginning watercolor for cardmakers


Art Impressions Watercolor


MISTI + backgrounds stamps (or any other kind!)


Arkon Mounts

Gift a Class! (Or get one for yourself!)

Choose a gift class – at a $2 discount until Dec 24th at midnight – to give as a Christmas gift! I will¬†send an email on Christmas morning telling your recipient that you’ve provided them with this class, so be sure to put your recipient’s address in the notes section when you order. And after¬†you purchase¬†the class, in your receipt you will receive a link to a PDF you can print out as a “gift certificate” to wrap up! (Note: I don’t think I can tell them in the email who the class was gifted by, so you’ll need to let them know that yourself.) If you wish to gift a class at another time of year, just email me and we can arrange that manually.

Give yourself a class Prices are discounted for current Copic Jumpstart and Exploring Watercolor classes through Nov 27th!)


254 thoughts on “Art and Papercrafting Gift Guide 2016

  1. Thanks for the introduction to gifts and how to use and gift them. Very helpful. I want some of each for myself, let alone all of my friends.

  2. Thanks for these suggestions and for demonstrating how to use them.

  3. Didn’t know that there were coloring books that could handle watercolors! Thanks so much for the recommendations, definitely going to gift myself that one.

  4. Your videos are always the perfect combo of teaching & fun- thanks for inspiring creativity and art

  5. What a cute card! And such a generous giveaway; just in time for Christmas! Thanks, Sandy and good luck, everyone!

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  7. Loved the video and all the different coloring options. Great idea and showing me so I can see what I may want and ease of use. Thanks for the video and your awesome coloring.

  8. You make my dreams come true. Have a Blessed Christmas. Hugs to you and your fury friends.

  9. What lovely goodies to find in your Christmas pillowslip. I always had a pillowslip rather than a stocking when I was a little girl….then when I started teaching I kept my presents till Christmas morning and took the children’s detail home so I could write them thank you letters.. what a shame we get older…..!
    Some lovely ideas. I have a box of the first painting set to give a friend who borrowed mine.
    Maybe I need a Copic Christmas list!

  10. Thanks for the awesome Christmas wishlist! I think I’ll send this post to my husband, lol.

  11. All great ideas! Love the stamps you chose, the colors and of course you for coloring technics!

  12. Great ideas…I was just thinking of buying some craft/art stuff for friends.

  13. love your videos. i have been inspire to create more cute gift cards ^__^

  14. Love your video’s! they’re so simple and easy! I already worked with watercolors but your video’s gave me that extra step en tips to grow!

  15. I have learned so much from watching your videos. These gift ideas are perfect for any level of artistic approach. Thanks again!

  16. Thanks for the great ideas. My Christmas wish list just grew longer.

  17. Hi, Thank you so much for the great ideas. Now I can give hubby my wishlist ūüôā

  18. These are fabulous ideas! Thanks for the opportunity to win these water colors!

  19. Thanks for the great gift ideas Sandy!

  20. I’m discovering your artwork (blog and Youtube channel) and I love it very much ! Thanks for your generosity ! Love from France, Marjorie

  21. I watch all of your videos and have learned so much from them… Lovin’ the reindeer in the ve State!

  22. I enjoyed the video. I hadn’t thought of giving classes for gifts. Thanks for the idea.

  23. Thank you for this wonderful gift guide demo! I saw several items for my artist daughter who I already planned to give her art related gifts. You made my shopping easier!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. I love the Reindeer in vests. If they had on a coat, they couldn’t fly as well. Beautiful coloring as always and such a fun set. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Thanks for all the great ideas for a crafty present!

  26. Love your coloring. i have that pencil sharpener and it makes a big difference. As far as heating prismacolors, I have put them out in the sun on a cookie sheet (summer day) and it did seem to help mend the leads.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing what stand you recommend for video beginners, I’ve been thinking about doing videos for my chemistry classes on sub days.

  28. Great overview of some awesome products! I love the color bands on the Zig markers! Love your adorable card! Such a cute reindeer set… I will keep my fingers crossed!

    1. Have to laugh! It’s late and I’m tired! Reading your two posts at once and got mixed up…. this one is for the watercolors! Love those too!

  29. Sandy, watching your coloring is so relaxing.. As always, thanks for sharing your creativity & wisdom!

  30. Can’t wait to join your watercolor class. And the new watercolor set would be perfect. I love your work sandy. Thanks for the encouragement and instruction.

  31. I am just so thankful I am not the only person who buys stamp sets twice!! meanwhile have bought my Art Impressions stamps ready to try your watercoloring technique just as soon as all the Christmas cards are made and posted! ūüôā

  32. Watercolor set? Awesome!! Thanks so much Sandy! I noticed others posting on here about the reindeer vest video as well. I thought that was pretty cute. Made me chuckle. ūüôā

  33. The Reindeer Vest card…adorable. I would never have thought to shade red with a purplely color! I’m learning so much! Also, I normally use a white card base or panel for stamping. It never occurred to me to use kraft so that the white would pop! Thank you for teaching me so much!

  34. OMG! I just saw the iPhone stand!! I need to get that for my Mom so she can start making videos of her crafting projects! Brilliant! Thank you for sharing that idea!

  35. Your videos make it look so easy! Those Mondo flowers are beautiful! I’m inspired by your talent and appreciate your time in making these videos.

  36. Excellent gift ideas! I shopped at Art Impressions yesterday and left the full cart for my hubby to finish checking out for Christmas. Was I subtle or what? LOL!

  37. Wow–thanks for all these great gift giving ideas.

  38. I personally like the reindeer vest idea!

  39. Reindeer vest … ha ha ha your funny .. my hubby watched said this is better than watching , the eaglets .. That’s a huge compliment .. truly.. God Bless you Anne

  40. Thanks for the gift guide. I’m passing that gem on to my hubby!

  41. I thought the reindeer vests were a real hoot. Loved it!!

  42. I’m asking for your watercolor class as a gift from hubby, so I’ll Def be sending over this link…maybe he’ll pick up a few other ideas while reading!! ūüėČ thanks for everything Ms.A.

  43. I love your card post today with the vests on the reindeer!! Might have to try that out! Really cute! Thanks for all of your card making tutorials, they are inspirational as well as educational!!

  44. I love all of the coloring options. I especially love watercoloring and thank you for all the great information on your video. As always, so very helpful.

  45. I love the reindeer with vests. Makes them ready for the holidays!

  46. Love this in depth look at all these coloring goodies! It really helped me prioritize my wishlist as well as give me ideas for starting out in a new-to-me coloring medium. Thanks so much for your generous giveaway.

  47. I love the idea of reindeer vests!! Works for me. I really love your videos and coloring! I would love to win this stamp set, thank you for the chance to do so!

  48. I already left a comment for the give away but I wanted to mention that you can HEAT color pencil and it will mend them if they are broken inside the wood. Jennifer McGuire gave that suggestion in one of her tips

    1. I heard that and tried it – with bad results. Not recommended.

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