Class: Exploring Watercolor


Grow in your understanding of the medium of watercolor! Explore techniques, color mixing, and a bit on shading as you paint fruits in the lessons provided.

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Learn more about watercolor – using six basic paint colors! Instructor Sandy Allnock has assembled lessons showing how to paint fruit – a timeless topic for artists across the centuries. These are simple shapes, and we’ll be transferring the images from photographs in a simple way – so you needn’t know how to draw to take this class.

The lessons coming your way:

  1. Pre-Class Lesson
  2. Lesson One: Oranges
  3. Lesson Two: Pear
  4. Lesson Three: Peach and Slice
  5. Lesson Four: Apple and Slice
  6. Lesson Five: Apples on Tree
  7. Bonus Lesson Six: Pear with background

This content will continue to be available to you, so keep your class email with the link and your password for the classroom; if you ever have issues getting back into the classroom, please don’t hesitate to drop a note.




  1. Absolutely wonderful teacher. Sandy breaks down the components and makes it easy to understand. Great to see how she fixes boo boos . As a beginner her course gave me the confidence to continue with this wonderful medium. I highly recommend her course.

  2. This class was one of the best beginner type classes I’ve taken. Though I’ve been dabbling in watercolor for about 7 years, Sandy breaks it down in such a way that just made sense. Using minimal colors, mixing colors and values, self paced, very reasonable class fee, incredible delivery; just simply all the right ingredients for a perfect online class. Thank you Sandy!

  3. I learned so much about watercolor from this class! The smaller and larger versions of each of the classes helped me learn what works best for me. All of my friends were stunned at my little paintings.

  4. This is a wonderful way to explore watercolor. Sandy’s instructions are easy to follow and in the end you feel like you know what you’re doing! Minimal, high quality supplies are also key. It is terrific that I can go back if I need a refresher as well. I am really looking forward to her next watercolor class!

  5. I am happy I purchased this class. It was nice to use only a few colors and learn how to layer and mix them instead of relying on a ton of supplies. This is especially important when you want to buy higher quality supplies, but that also cost more. I am not actually finished with all the lessons, but it is nice to know I can watch a class when I can and repeat a class if I feel I want to.

  6. This is a great class to really learn some basic watercolor techniques, especially if you are new to watercoloring or if you’ve been doing it, but really never learned from anyone and was just “winging it.” I thought I did pretty well before Sandy’s class, but it really showed me how little I really knew about watercoloring. This class will take you to the next level (and wanting to learn more). It also alleviates the fear of using and mixing paints from a tube! Silly as it seems, I always stuck to pan paints or watercolor pencils. Now I’m much more free in mixing colors, to get that perfect color tone that my watercolor pencils just couldn’t match. This class will challenge even those with more experience too. It’s self-paced, so you never feel pushed to keep up. Give it a try, I’m glad I did.

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