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Learn more about Copics – how to choose them and how to use them! Copic certified instructor Sandy Allnock has assembled information that will be helpful for both new Copic colorists and experienced folks alike. She’s come up with some brand new concepts in using these markers that hasn’t been shared before! Scroll down to read more.

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Learn more about Copics – how to choose them and how to use them! Copic certified instructor Sandy Allnock has assembled information that will be helpful for both new Copic colorists and experienced folks alike. She’s come up with some brand new concepts in using these markers that hasn’t been shared before!

The lessons coming your way:

  1. Copic Glazing
  2. Blending
  3. Finding new color combinations
  4. Shading basics
  5. Dimension
  6. Fur
  7. Pastel
  8. Contrast
  9. Skin and hair basics
  10. Out of the box!

This content will continue to be available to you, so keep your class emails with the link and passwords for each lesson; if you ever have issues getting back into the classroom, please don’t hesitate to drop a note.




  1. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is just starting out with copics, or has been using them a while. There’s something for everyone in the class. The videos are very professional and the practice exercises really help you grow. Sandy is very good at explaining the Copic numbering system and in showing how everything works together. I’ve taken her Edu-digi series as well and have learned so much. The classes are reasonably priced and well worth what you spend. You’ll be pleased by your return on investment.

  2. I have been privileged to take a class or two or three in person from Sandy, excellent!! I highly recommend, but this on-line class is the next best thing! Patiently, in exquisite detail, she explains the Copic markers, the numbering system, color families, and how to use them to get the most out of the markers you have!! Now I have the lessons for life!! It’s like having Sandy at my home when ever I need her. I refer to the lessons often, not because I’m a poor student or learner, her encouragement makes me want to strive to be the best in my creative side. Thanks Sandy for an awesome class.

  3. I am currently taking this class. Art was not my thing in school. The perfectionist that I was as a child cried and cried for days because I couldn’t draw the perfect cherry branch to glue popcorn too. I had no interest in art after that and didn’t try again until now when I am well in my 40’s. I struggle with staying in the lines but it is so much fun to experiment with the blending charts and then grab a stamp to color. Thank you for doing this self paced class.

  4. This was an awesome class for me. I learned pretty much everything I know from Sandy’s class, and my cards look so much better now. I have people asking me how I color so well. My shading and blending brings my stamped images off the card stock. I’m so glad I took this class!

  5. I’ve been using copics for a couple of years and had watched many how-to videos but still felt like a beginner in many areas. This class was a great mix of color theory, technique and practice. Highly recommended for beginner/intermediate level. Well-done videos, great price.

  6. Great class for all skill levels. I’d been using Copics for probably 6 years and only knew what I picked up by watching cardmaking videos using Copics. I thought I was pretty good, but I’m a lot better after her class. If I struggle on a project, I still go back and look at the color wheels and blending groups to help me. My shading is better and I’m less scared of using really dark colors. This class is fun (cuz Sandy is always fun!) and just about anyone will learn something they didn’t know before. Lots of material to keep and refer back to.

  7. I am a certified Copic teacher but I took this class because watching Sandy color with her Copics while making cards and other items just blew me away. I learned more from Sandy’s class step by step than I did during the entire certification process, with a lot more fun and a lot less angst! I came away in awe of her hex chart system and her complete and simple approach to the Copic system of numbering and how to put it all together to make beautiful artwork. As a result, my own work has improved a hundredfold and I am more at ease with Copics than I ever was before. Sandy makes it simple to understand, easy to follow and super-easy to learn all her techniques. With a little practice, you can color things as well as she does!

  8. I took this class because I bought some copics and realized I didn’t know how to color. I love this self-paced class as I have periods of time when I can actually do the projects. I still go back and practice and follow the videos. I love the fact that she “teaches” theory and then sets out practice projects. I am so happy I took this class.

  9. This is a class worth taking no matter your skill level! I felt like my copic coloring was decent before the class, but definitely not “expert level” or anything. I decided to take the class because Sandy’s coloring in YouTube videos always turns out so good and I feel like she does things that I just never think to do. After taking the class I have noticed a big difference in my ability to try different coloring techniques! It totally changed the way I think when I use copic markers. My first practice run at coloring stamped images turned out vastly different than my previous years of using copics! I learned about highlights, which let’s just say I had never left any highlights in my coloring before, and I was mixing colors I hadn’t thought to use together before! Great class, and a great investment!

  10. This class is amazing!!!! I took the class ‘Live” and enjoyed the discussion boards. As a busy teacher the self paced element has been perfect for me. Now months later I am still going back and listening to the lessons to relearn & reflect on my work. These classes set a firm foundation to build on with Sandy’s many teaching videos.

    Sandy is an amazing teacher – connecting what she is doing on the page to the theory and practice in an easy to understand method. She is an amazing communicator who enables me to be SUCCESSFUL! Thank you Sandy.

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