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Christmas Tug of War: Coloring a Wood Fence

I’m joining Stamping Bella for another guest month of coloring fun here….and since Christmas is coming (EEEP!), I’m launching a series all throughout the fall showing Christmas or winter backgrounds. The four Wednesdays this month, it’ll all be new releases from Stamping Bella!

Coloring a wood fence

When I open up a stamp set, I look at the images and ask the stamps to tell me what the setting is. Sometimes they do so right away – other times we “have a chat” while I’m coloring the image, then the scene takes shape. With Christmas tug of war, the critters were opening gifts outside – in the snowy yard. So I’ll show you how to make a fence! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Check out the Holiday Backgrounds collection HERE.

Sandy Allnock color a fence


219 thoughts on “Christmas Tug of War: Coloring a Wood Fence

  1. The last thing that ever occurs to me is drawing in my own background. What a great series!

  2. Wow! The effort involved really shows in this card. Not being an artist it would never occur to me to color this way, but its so obvious that it should be done when its finished (and really is effective)! Thanks for sharing these techniques.

  3. Love, love this card! Thank you for the fence tutorial, I’ll be sure to use those tips, especially with some of my favorite Stamping Bella stamps I bought a few months back. Would love to add this one to my small collection.

  4. Love watching and learning from your videos.

  5. Love it! You never cease to amaze me.

  6. I am so amazed at how much your backgrounds really enhance the focal images! Love your video tutorials!

  7. You always amaze me with your color combinations. I learn something every time I watch your videos. I learned an amazing amount of information in the Copic Jumpstart Class.

  8. Great idea for a series!! I’ve got lots of colored images that I’m kinda stuck on finishing. I lookforward to this series!!

  9. I always struggle with background ideas, well with everything really. It seems so easy. Will give it a try. I have bought with watercolour pens you demonstrated in some videos, no excuses now…

  10. Your technique posts are my favorites. You never disappoint and you make it look so easy that I am wiling to try it…and then you do it on the cutest stamp sets that I must buy them as well. You are so good for the stamping world. You open our eyes to so many stamp companies with the cutest things. Thank you so much for what you do….these are some of the reasons I am a patreon sponsor!

  11. […] it feels a bit crass to do an announcement…but I still wish to congratulate the winner of the giveaway this week: email me and I’ll connect you with your […]

    1. Amen. Thank you for sharing, Sandy. Blessings.

  12. Your little critters are so adorable. Thanks for the great tips on coloring fur! And your video was awesome. Loved seeing how you did the fence!

  13. I love the look of this stamp along with the hints you’ve given about the fence. It was so fun watching and esp. listening to you describe how to color in a fence. I appreciate your talent.

  14. Cute card! I love sets that I can use year round. I make cards to sell for extra cash because I am on a fixed income. Your videos have inspired me. Thanks for sharing,

  15. I absolutely loved your card and video! I can’t wait for the next video.

  16. I am a beginner, and I love watching you color. It is a bit intimidating, I wish I had your skill. I love the backgrounds you do..the fence in this card is just perfect! Btw..even as a beginner, I decides to make my Christmas cards this year, and have already started!!

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