Here’s another of my crazy fine art pieces – inspired by a stamp! I recently did some shopping over at Hero Arts, and I knew I needed to try this one; I am absolutely mesmerized by jellies! I’ve taken sketchbooks into the dark rooms at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to try to capture their essence. Yep I’m that weirdo! So today I’m drawing one with a bit more light than usual. It’s lots of layering of color with white on the top – same technique to use on the card shown below.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

A jellyfish like this could be framed sideways or vertically. And the cool thing is no one but me would know if it looks like a real jellyfish, so whatever you create would be just fine!

This was a practice jelly. I might get stuck in a loop and keep drawing more! I really like this Fabriano sketchbook – nice heavy paper and you can see just how bright the colors come out on it. Comes in a couple sizes too.

You can make your own cool transparent jellyfish card – using a background stamp! This one from Hero Arts is pretty fantabulous – whether you color them all or just a few.

It’s a cling stamp so you need to have no pad in the MISTI. I stamped it with Versafine on regular black cardstock – it’s non-textured like the Fabriano I used in the big jellyfish drawing.

At an angle you can see the stamp lines and color them….a person looking at the card wouldn’t really notice them.

I used the same process for these jellies, adding four blobs of light into one of them, since I saw a jellyfish that looked like that at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


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