The Ellen Hutson Summer of Stamping CONTINUES! Another fun new release is upon us since it’s Monday….and this time it’s a partnership with Avery Elle…critters in a canoe!! I crowded them all in to go for a ride together…and they seem to be getting along so far! ha!

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I had the idea to do a nighttime card – but also wanted to color the critters the way most people would too, with a limited selection of colors…so you get BOTH in the video! Look at these cuties called Peekaboo Camp Wanna Stamp!

Daytime canoeing

If I were to canoe, it’d sure be by day! Colored on cream Neenah, and including just a little bit of water and a few flies buzzing around, it’s a great clean and simple card that’d be great for a guy’s birthday!

I did all this coloring with just four Prismacolor pencils:

Nighttime card

This is the one I don’t know if many will try – but I just had to give it a try once the idea was in my head! I used an old highly-textured piece of navy blue paper (no idea what brand – but something smoother would be easier than this!)….and only TWO pencils!

The blue you choose should be transparent enough that it falls off into the dark paper easily; if it stays too bright that means it’s opaque, and you’ll have a harder time getting the shading to go all the way to dark. There’s a lesson all about this in Colored Pencil Jumpstart if students want to review that for how to pick a color that’ll work well.

For my Copic friends

I also colored this stamp set in markers – you can see this later today on my IGTV!


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