We’re past halfway in the 24 Tags of Christmas of 2019 – so it’s time for Santa’s Face to make an appearance! It’s a brand new stamp from Colorado Craft Company and it’s hyooooooge! I am stoked to color it a bunch of times for my Christmas cards in all kinds of mediums – here I tackle it in watercolor pencils!

Did you know? Santa is a painter!

And I’m pretty sure I haven’t told anyone this, but…I’ve been painting with Santa this year. And he looks just like this stamp! He’s a rather famous Seattle Santa, and he happens to be a plein air painter; I met him at a Toastmasters group on the peninsula, and he invited me to join them, so once in a while I drive out there at oh-dark-thirty to paint! Go see his viral video HERE.

And come back to watch my video too:

View on YouTube.

Supracolor pencil colors used:

This stamp is such a great looking Santa! Gonna make tons of cards with these this year….

Four tags, ready for the tag prize stash!


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