I’ve been saying I need an assistant lately….a munchkin to fill my markers and change nibs….to sort out my piles of rubble on my desk and put the stamps back in their stamp pockets…or yesterday when I was unpacking all the supplies I had shipped for classes, I could have used a little fairy godmother to wave a magic wand and clean out the salt. Yes the salt! I had shipped sea salt for a watercolor class and it exploded! I’ll be picking salt out of stamp pockets and my brush roll for weeks, I think. Ha!

The real craft assistant

But honestly – an assistant of a different kind actually IS available. I have one of these…and I figured since I just saw that they just got restocked, you might want a refresher as to why I enjoy mine…I have a couple videos you may have missed if you haven’t been following along too long…this is using the Craft Assistant with distress inks:

Here’s one I created over on the CLASSroom HERE with airbrushing:

I could swear I did one or two more since I’ve used my craft assistant a bunch, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Keywords, shmeewords, right? LOL. This blog has a terrible search function, I apologize! When I get to doing the site revamp, I hope that’ll start functioning better.

I do have another video with this handy item coming up again in a few weeks…but after the mass sellout following the Mondo Magnolia video above, let’s just say I advise getting one while they’re in stock if you’ve been waiting; manufacturing time is pretty hefty on them, and the waiting list was huge – hope there are some left by the time this posts, eep!

Life. Is. Good.

No kidding, right? I’m on a teaching junket (ha that sounds exotic, doesn’t it?) and for me that is living the good life. A whole week with entirely different to-dos …. like meeting awesome people and making beautiful things. What could be better? Oh how about that the Life Is Good stamp set is also back in stock? Here’s the video that wiped out the last batch (are you sensing a theme here? You guys have been shopping a lot lately!):

Happy shopping! I’ll take off my Chief Enabler hat now….I just like to keep you up to date when I find out stuff you liked is available or discounted!

A few other things

My apologies for the trouble folks have had commenting lately. (No need to email me, a couple dozen folks have been letting me know, but I’m not home to dig in and make any fixes!) I did change a few things I could from here, so try again to enter for the Inktense drawing – I’m hoping what I did might have fixed it? Dunno. Some are having success by phone, others by computer, others by a different browser, and it’s not consistent, so I’m at a loss. I have a web guy starting a redesign for me later this year and I’m hoping that will be a more permanent fix when that’s done. Such a pain in the drain, silly interwebs!

StudentsHERE is my fave products page I mentioned in class. And HERE is my favorite water bucket, thanks to Jeanne for finding it for me! What a silly name they gave it, I had just never found it by that product title. ha!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new video that I’m GNARLY STOKED about – and you will be too if you like sharks. Or interactive cards. Or surfing. If you’re a fan of all three, you might pee a little. *snicker* See you then!