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Ellen Hutson Bloghop: How to stamp on vellum – with dies!


Welcome to the Spring 2015 Essentials by Ellen Release BlogHop! I’m so happy to be a part of it….I’m so proud of my friends Julie Ebersole and Ellen Hutson for taking the leap into producing more awesome products to help our wallets stay lean! Today for my hop cards, I want to show you how to stamp on vellum – with dies!


How to stamp on vellum with dies

When I received the new release stamps and dies from Ellen Hutson, my mind went right away to big bold floral cards. And oddly – to pink and purple!? (Who has taken over this body?) And also to the vellum that Ellen makes, too – it’s nice and thick, makes inks look even softer from the back, and since in my card shared in their newsletter didn’t have a video companion, I wanted you to see the vellum in motion. Thus, stamping with dies was born for my cards! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

These cards were helped along by the Craft Assistant and Magnetic Material of course…I’ve shown the use of them with airbrushing, but they made all the difference in holding the paper steady so I didn’t get fingerprints or grease on the paper. It really is amazing what you can do with these products when it comes to learning how to stamp on vellum!


The bloghop fun begins in the CLASSroom and there is also a Grand Giveaway! To enter, be sure to leave a comment there, and at every stop along the hop by May 5th!  Winners will be announced May 8th.

I am the lucky one to give away the Amazing Women stamp set! WOOHOO! Since my cards are intended for amazing women in your life, write a comment in the form of a quick note “to” an amazing woman in your life, then go email or text her that comment. (Why not, right? We really do need to encourage each other more!)


Keep hopping!

Next stop on this amazing bloghop full of inspiration: Joni Nina Andaya! (And if you don’t already subscribe to her and stalk her Instagram, I’d highly recommend it!)

PS: Last week’s winner: Linda S! You’ll be hearing by email about your prize. Yay for you!


Listed below are all of the items I used in these cards…as well as links to all the items in the new release. Affiliate links are used in this post, click here for more information.


Wasn’t that fun? Once  you learn how to stamp on vellum with dies, you can make a whole sheet to get a bunch of cards out of it! I love when multi-use takes the cost out of our craft supplies.

394 thoughts on “Ellen Hutson Bloghop: How to stamp on vellum – with dies!

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  2. Ringing the bell, wonderful ideas! Thanks

  3. What a great tutorial and a beautiful card.

  4. Love your card. Actually, LOVE all your creations! Going to buy my hex chart tonight! Yahoo!

  5. Wonderful set, beautiful works of art. Love what you do. Also love and admire 3 incredible daughters.

  6. thanks for sharing the technique! love your cards!

  7. Beautiful!! I haven’t pulled out vellum in ages. Your card is gorgeous, thanks!

  8. As always, these cards are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the video. It gave me ideas to try and I’m excited to break out my vellum which hasn’t been out for a while!

  9. Thanks for sharing this technique. Need to get my hands on some good vellum. And my daughter is an amazing girl!

  10. Haven’t used vellum much, but this is going to be a definite try in the near future.

  11. This is lovely!

  12. Dear auntie,( unfortunately she died several years ago)you would have loved all these beautiful cards.
    We would have made a lot off them. Misssss you

  13. Love this technique…will have to wait for the supplies to come back in stock…thanks for the idea…

  14. I’m going to have to try working with vellum, now that I’ve seen how pretty it can be on a card!

  15. thanx for the inspiration and blog hop opp!

  16. Thanks for sharing this technique. Love your cards-but them I’m a big fan of all your work!

  17. Special thanks to my Mom, for adopting me at 6 months and loving me as her own to this day (38 years later)! She taught me so much & gave me life experiences that most people could only hope for. I couldn’t have picked a better mom!

  18. Lovely cards! TFS 🙂

  19. Gorgeous cards! Very creative & inspiring!

  20. I wish I could email, or better yet hug, the wonderful woman I am missing…my momma…she left this earth, bound for Heaven, 11 years ago next month. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @

  21. I love the softness of the vellum. It really makes the big bloom so appealing.

  22. Lisa says Hi. I am so inspired by so many women in my life. Thank you for the video. I have not tried distress inks on Vellum but I will today. I love your work and follow you. You are amazing.

  23. GrEat video

  24. What fantastic inspiration, Sandie … such beautiful cards with that luscious looking vellum! Love the message in that stamp set … I’d send all of them to my Mum! Anita 🙂

  25. Beautiful cards. Awesome stamp set. So many awesome women I could write about. But I’ll choose my grandmother who passed away on a day like yesterday, and I’d say that I love her and miss her lots, and that I’m grateful for the time we had and wish we had more. I hope she knew she was very loved.

  26. Hi Sandy!! I never know what I will find when hopping over here. I love that you always dabble in different things! I would have never thought of using Distress ink on vellum. It’s really an unexpected beauty! Thanks for always doing a video. I love watching you create. Great Release and hop.

  27. the quality of the vellum looks amazing!

  28. Wonderful cards, Sandy! Love that technique of inking through the mask on vellum. Might have to give that a try sometime. My shout-out goes to my mother. I have had schizophrenia and major depression most of my adult life, and she has helped take care of me through it all. It hasn’t been easy, but she’s always been there for me (and still is!). Thanks so much, Mama!

  29. What an amazing technique. Simple brilliance. Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity. To win.

  30. Perfect cards for special women everywhere. We definitely need to encourage each other. A really great stamp. Thanks!

  31. Sandy,
    What a great set of cards. So lovely and I loved that colors.Thanks!

  32. Sweetest sentiment for the amazing women in our lives – love it. LOVE your vellum technique – gorgeous!

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  34. Thanks, Sandy. LOVE this, that patterned vellum you made is GORGEOUS!

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