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Super Bowl Stamping – Magical *Sunday*


This week we’ve got a Magical SUNDAY tutorial instead of Monday – woohoo! Super bowl 2015! Go Hawks!

To create the custom stamps – before coloring – I stamped both Football Ian and Cheerleader Anya (sorry, they’re retired) in black ink on white paper (separately) and scanned them. In Photoshop I was able to remove the parts of the stamp I wanted to get rid of – the girls’ “A” on their shirts, Ian’s bangs, the stripes on the top of the helmet, and the number (10) on his shirt. (Click HERE to see what Ian looked like originally.) The “3” I typeset in place, and the Seahawks helmet logos were placed in from a file I snagged on the interwebs – it took some major tweaking (perspective, distort, warp, and more) to make it look like it was angled right for the side of the helmet. I cloned it and flipped it for the 2nd side. I added the Hawks logo to the cheerleader shirts similarly. I moved them together and made my little scene, and printed it out on Neenah 80# cardstock. (Supplies are listed below.)

Not only does Ian become Russ Wilson…but the cheerleaders take on different ethnicities from the same stamp…you’ll see how in the video.You’ll definitely want to check out the video to see how the shiny helmet was colored – you can do any colors, just follow the same amounts of dark/med/light – and Anya’s hair for the 2nd cheerleader. You can do that to most any stamp and change her ethnicity!

Be sure to check out the other 2 football stamping links at the end – in one of them, you get to see me talkin’ trash and stamping with a football! Enjoy the coloring video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Super Bowl 2015

I’m so excited for the game—it’s time for the Hawks to Two-Peat! The entire region is just SO excited…anywhere you go, waiting in line at the post office or grocery store, you can strike up a conversation now with EVERYone. Just mention the Hawks. People positively light UP and start talking football, when normally they just look down and mumble! Funny what a game can do for our community, isn’t it?
Sandy Allnock - Custom Super bowl 2015 Stamping

Even if you’re not cheering for one team or the other, are you tuning in for the game? Super Bowl 2015 promises to at least entertain us all with the ads, right? Can’t wait to see them…usually I keep up on the YouTube sneak peeks, but I’ve been too busy this year. So I get to be surprised during the game instead!



20 thoughts on “Super Bowl Stamping – Magical *Sunday*

  1. […] yesterday stings. I’ve been public enough with my support for the Seahawks (this painting and this video, for starters!) that my first thoughts weren’t of great congratulations to the Patriots. Just […]

  2. I work at a company that covers sports so I could really use this technique for co-worker’s cards. (Many are Seattle fans.) But the link to Ian seems to be broken. Sorry for your loss and how it went down.

  3. Wow–you need to send this and your watercolor to Russell Wilson! I’m sure he would be so blessed by your talent and humbled that you would create such art based on the Hawks and him. Thanks for explaining how you created your digital image–so creative how you customized the originals. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Stunning card. Amazing how you did the hair and the shine on the helmet. TFS

  5. Love the card so much. Wish the team on the card would have won. 🙂

  6. Great!!
    BTW— Who is Tom Brady?
    Go HAWKS

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, from the coloring, to your incredible transforming of the stamps to make the scene. Good luck on the game tonight.

  8. My husband says, “Sandy is a Master colorer.” He really liked the music you had playing during the video. Would you please tell us what tht music Is and who performed it? Thanks

    1. It’s not available for purchase as far as I know; I subscribe to a stock music site and got it from there.

  9. Oh! I just assumed you drew in the logo! HA! That’s some pretty fancy work you did there! Since you’re such a fan, I’m sure it’s great to save that image and use it again at some point.

    For the less techy-inclined I bet we could get a not-as-perfect-but-still-works effect with some selective cleaning off of ink before stamping and some creative masking! So many ideas!

  10. wow just stunning. Love your creativity and keep them coming 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I love all of your videos.

  11. Such a crazy, amazing transformation, Sandy! Love this.

  12. A true work of art! Amazingly creative. Thank God for his blessings of creativity for you and that you are sharing with us! Thankyou!

  13. Sandy, that card is adorable! GO HAWKS!!

  14. wow– this is fabulous!! Of course the coloring is impressive- but I love how you altered the stamps!!
    One of us will be very happy at the end of the game– I am a die-hard Patriots fan!! It is going to be a great game!!! And what would it take for you to create a Tom Brady image??? LOL

  15. I don’t really have football fever and rarely watch the game, but I have some serious love going on for your cute card. What a great combination of color, whimsy and technique! Thanks so much for making me smile this morning!

  16. Wow, another labor of love! I grew up in Seattle and this is all just thrilling for me. Now if the M’s can just step it up… 🙂 #gohawks!

  17. I’m looking for a great printer to use with copics and who is able to print on watercolor papers too. Which one do you use? Thanks a lot for all you share with us. Have a nice trip in Europe. Bon voyage! 🙂

    1. I have an HP Photosmart (3120 I the number I think) but it won’t take watercolor paper or Neenah 110.

  18. So cool. Wish I had your genius brain.

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