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Magical Monday: Rainbow Betta Fish Drawing


Goooooood Monday morning friends! I’m really hoping this little rainbow betta fish drawing makes your day just a little bit brighter…whether or not these guys exist! 🙂

Rainbow Betta Fish Drawing

You might have seen the EduDigi I posted just this Saturday – it was a digi bundle in which you receive two fish digis and a PDF with lots of info about the BlueGreen (BG) Copic marker group. Whether it’s the images or the education portion that appeal to you, I wanted to say thank you for your purchases of these the last few weeks! I had no idea how successful they were going to be!


When one of my Instagram followers made the suggestion, my little creative insides lit UP! I had been on a creative meltdown and needed some inspiration. I was faced with piles of to-do’s and no mojo…but when she suggested betta fish, I just had to create them. And then when I started drawing them, I knew I wanted to do a Magical Monday betta fish drawing with them, too. Enjoy the video below or click HERE to watch on YT….and come back to read more about it below and tell me what you think.

Something you might want to know….off to the side of my workspace, there were more markers. GREYS.

The original thought was to do an undercoat of these bright colors, then go in and give them that gorgeous deep dark color on top so the color acted like a sheen of reflected light. All the betta fish I had as a kid were either red and black or mostly black, and that’s what I thought I’d do. But then….I started really loving that undercoat.


Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Betta Fish2

The size on this piece is about 5×7 for the fish – and zooming in, you can see the coloring isn’t perfection. (I thought about not giving you close shots, but it’s an educational moment!) But I decided to leave the marker strokes once I fell in love with the rainbow color, too. I thought it added to that playful swishiness!
Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Betta Fish3

Another question I may get – how did I print the drawing? I’ve created a digital stamp tutorial that’ll show you how to work with digis in Word – with additional tips on creating multi-image compositions like this one, and making them a light grey like this as well. Click HERE for that tutorial!

DigiStamp Tutorial



Hope you enjoyed my rainbow betta fish drawing – be sure to leave me a link on this post if you try doing this yourself!

30 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Rainbow Betta Fish Drawing

  1. You’re missing a couple of copic colors at your list above. So anyone wanting to try to do this, watch the video for the colors.

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  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Absolutely Amazing.

  5. My last couple of years of college I had a beta fish named Charlie. He flew back and forth to college with me. Other passengers were fascinated. (Back in the good old days of air travel.) They are such beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. So perfect

  7. Beautifully done. You made the fish gills look like a fairy gown floating around them. I will never be able to draw or colour like you Sandy. Thanks.

  8. Those fish are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like the fact that you left some of the marker strokes visible, for this image with these colors it works and really does add to the overall impression! Wowser, as my brother used to say!

  10. Hi Sandy, I had let you know about PNGs not being transparent on this EduDigi set. After you had corrected the files, I was able to download the transparent images again with no problem. I went back and checked my other EduDigi files though and found that all the PNGs have filled backgrounds (no transparency-insert sad face). I have purchased all the sets you’ve created and love them. I’d love to be able to use the transperancy feature in the other sets so I can do some layering.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    1. Re-download, they’re all fixed now. 🙂

  11. this is so beautiful! Can’t wait to watch the video!

  12. Beautiful Sandy! Just beautiful! 🙂

  13. I’m just speechless (which is making some people very happy!). This has to be my fav pic so far….just amazingly beautiful!

  14. Gorgeous Sandy! So glad you did not add the greys!

  15. Brilliant suggestion and amazing coloring (I’ve really run out of adjectives to describe how beautiful your creations are). Magical Monday and a cup of coffee – perfect way to start a new week

  16. Beutiful fishies. Have you ever seen the children’s book rainbow fish? You made him proud! Thank you for the sharing and teaching. Be blessed!

  17. I LOVE the rainbow look. Betas are beautiful fish and you have done a beautiful job here. Thanks again for all your work and sharing.

  18. You have so much talent…..if I even triied this I would ruin it for sure! I absolutely love watching your videos. Beauty in motion is what I call it! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Ciao 🙂

  19. So very beautiful. I LOVE watching you color. You have such a deft hand at it.

  20. Sandy, I just watched this video and all I can say is WOW! My Copic skills are extremely limited (unfortunately for me I have very shaky hands which makes it difficult for me to this type of thing) but I love to watch others use them. My husband is a computer programmer by day and a wanna be artist by night so I’m going to show him this video and I have a feeling he’ll be buying the digi images and some Copics to give this a try. Thank you so much for sharing of yourself in the way you do!

  21. Hi Sandy,

    I just discovered your Edu-Digi series!! Wow!! You have a devoted follower, and your rainbow betta fish really is MAGICAL!!

  22. Love all the colors. TFS

  23. Iridescent colors…so lovely.

  24. So pretty!

  25. Perfect title. Truly magical. Go mojo! Love the colors & shading that adds to the tail appearing to actually billow & flow.

  26. I like the look of rainbow betta.

  27. Absolutely beautiful.

  28. Sandy – the color mixing, the shadows & highlights – everything is just so amazing. I’ll have to watch this video several times… Thank you for all the bright, happy colors on a dreary Monday morning.

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