Goooooood Monday morning friends! I’m really hoping this little rainbow betta fish drawing makes your day just a little bit brighter…whether or not these guys exist! πŸ™‚

When one of my Instagram followers made the suggestion, my little creative insides lit UP! I had been on a creative meltdown and needed some inspiration. I was faced with piles of to-do’s and no mojo…but when she suggested betta fish, I just had to create them. And then when I started drawing them, I knew I wanted to do a Magical Monday betta fish drawing with them, too.

Something you might want to know….off to the side of my workspace, there were more markers. GREYS.

The original thought was to do an undercoat of these bright colors, then go in and give them that gorgeous deep dark color on top so the color acted like a sheen of reflected light. All the betta fish I had as a kid were either red and black or mostly black, and that’s what I thought I’d do. But then….I started really loving that undercoat.

Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Betta Fish2
Sandy Allnock - Rainbow Betta Fish3

The size on this piece is about 5×7 for the fish – and zooming in, you can see the coloring isn’t perfection. (I thought about not giving you close shots, but it’s an educational moment!) But I decided to leave the marker strokes once I fell in love with the rainbow color, too. I thought it added to that playful swishiness!


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