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Magical Monday: Mannie the cat


It’s Magical Monday – and I have something pretty special today.

Magical Monday kitty

Many of you may know that my friend Kristina lost her kitty about a week ago. I am so sad for her…hearing of anyone losing a pet brings back memories of my own sweet girl and that awful day back in October. I wanted to do something special for Kristina, and since I saw her over the weekend, I was able to hand deliver a little Magical Monday drawing of her little furbaby. Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube.

If you’re interested in giving to the fundraiser supporting the shelter where Kristina found Mannie – click HERE. The support has been just overwhelming so far. Lots of furbabies will be helped!

Sandy Allnock- Mannie the Cat2

Blog candy winner!

CeCe G….congratulations on winning the blog candy! Email me your address using my contact form, and I’ll get them in the mail to you this week!


I love these Magical Mondays…just wishing this one wasn’t a sad one.

43 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Mannie the cat

  1. What a beautiful gift for your dear friend! I’m sure your talent will bless Kristina. So thoughtful and kind of you.

  2. This made me teary. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful picture of Mannie…one to surely treasured!

  4. Wow how beautiful! I’m sure Kristina will treasure this always. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful gift. It is so sad to watch knowing why you are drawing the picture but it is one I am sure she will always treasure.

  6. Awesome tribute to Mannie the cat; we all loved her posts of him.

  7. What an absolutely beautiful thing for you to do for Kristina. I’m sure she loves this picture of Mannie. Just watching this brought tears to my eyes, remembering the day we lost our little furbaby. They really do leave paw prints on our hearts <3. You are such a sweet friend too!

  8. Sandy you are amazingly talented. I’m sure Kristina appreciated your thoughtfulness. We have a cat jus over 20 years old and he is showing his age this winter. We are trying to brace ourselves for the inevitable. Its hard.

  9. Wow…touching. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a wonderful way to show you care. I am with a local rescue here in Oregon and the amazing lives we save makes it worth every moment. The people who adopt our foster babies take them on with such love and care, we could not ask for more! Thank you, Sandy for being part of the circle of love.

  11. So sweet, Sandy!

  12. Well done, Sandy. A beautiful tribute to a faithful fur baby. I’m gonna miss his little meows in the background of Kristina’s videos.

  13. Sandy – I only know you and Kristina through your blogs and videos, but anyone who knows Kristina knows how much love she had for Mannie. What a toughing and heartfelt thing you have done for your friend.

  14. Hi Sandy,
    I just needed to say what a beautiful tribute to Mannie this is & I am very sorry for your loss as well. You have an amazing talent & your art is a true gift. I am sure this will be treasured always. God bless you!

  15. Yup a tissue needed! You really captured Mannie, he will so be missed in Kristina’s videos, pets are such a close friend to us, bless your heart for this special gift!

  16. This is so beautiful and so moving.

  17. God bless you – what a wonderful tribute

  18. Beautiful….drawing…coloring…thought….memory! Brought me to tears.

  19. This is beautiful. What a kind gift to your friend. The only question I have is about the music playing in the background. Will you share the name of the song playing? I love to listen to beautiful music while I’m painting and this is one I’d like to add to my collection.

    1. It’s not publicly available—it’s from a site I subscribe to for background sound.

  20. Beautiful. What a lovely tribute to Mannie. 🙂 I am sure Kristina loved it.

  21. My cats are on my daily gratitude list. They bring such joy to my life. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Mannie. I’m sure that Kristina loves it.

  22. Beautiful tribute for a dear friend.

  23. What a thoughtful and loving gift for Kristina. Once the tears have passed it will make her smile!

  24. Beautiful on it’s own merit but Kristina must have been overwhelmed with love for it. What a dear friend you are.

  25. So beautiful, Sandy. I’m sure Kristina loved it. Hard to believe it’s some six months since your fur baby passed away. It seems such a short while ago.
    Marianne x

  26. Oh, my goodness, she must have adored this! You are amazing! ♥

  27. Sandy, that was a wonderful thing to do for Kristina. You are a true friend.

  28. What a precious tribute to Kristina’s Mannie. She’s sure to treasure this forever. How very thoughtful of you to offer her this comfort. We’ll all miss his chattiness on her videos.

  29. Sandy, I was going back through some of your earlier blogs and saw that I was one of your top commenters for 2014. Do I need to send you my address?

  30. Special and beautiful piece. Something that Kristina can treasure forever. From the pictures I have seen of Mannie, you did a wonderful job of capturing him. TFS

  31. Another wonderful magical Monday. I’ve never met you, Kristina or Mannie but the love and affection shared between you came through with each stroke of the pen. I am in awe of your artistic talents but when your work comes from your heart…well, I just can’t put that in words how magical it is. Truly a gift from God all of us can see.

  32. What a beautiful and thoughtful tribute to Mannie. I remember Kristina posting a similar picture of Mannie and saying it was her favorite picture of him. This is truly a gift of the heart and I know Kristina will treasure it.

  33. What a special, special gift for Kristina! I’m sure she loved receiving your beautiful picture. I cried watching you create Mannie as he looked just like my little Joey whom I lost five years ago. I’m sure Kristina cherishes your gift.

  34. A wonderful gift for your friend. My heart goes out to the both of you. I lost my fur baby “LOUiE“ a number of years ago. He had just passed his 19th Birthday. Two weeks later I had to take him on that one way trip to the vets. Tore my heart out. Thanks for caring Sandy.

  35. What a beautiful, loving gift from your heart for your friend, Kristina.

  36. Amazing picture and fabulous job! I know Kristina loves it dearly!

  37. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift for a friend at such a time of loss.

  38. This is beautiful Sandy. I am sure Kristina will treasure it.

  39. This is beautiful, and Mannie looks so peaceful here. This is such a wonderful gift for Kristina – I know she will treasure it. I couldn’t watch the entire video as I was crying too much. These things always bring back my grief for my beloved Muffin kitty. One day a few years after Muffin had passed my BF Brian surprised me with a watercolour painting of Muffin. It touched me deeply and it was one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone has give me. That’s why I know Kristina will cherish this thoughtful tribute to Mannie. You are a sweet and supportive friend.

  40. What a beautiful gift; beautiful in so many ways.

  41. I bet Kristina loved it. My poor baby is not feeling well right now. He is 10 and we are starting to get very worried. He has always been active but the past couple of days very sad ad down. We’re hoping it is just winter blues.

  42. Beautiful

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