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Charlie’s Angels

I feel like this post might be titled, “And now, for something completely ridiculous. And wonderful. At the same time.”


I’ve been wanting to do a baseline comparison of some skintone and hair color combos….thus I decided to try it! These three images are from Saturated Canary – Becki, Color Me Wonderful, and Love Letters. There’s little actual use for a card with this threesome – it really was for the excuse of making the video! This is a shot of my first attempt at coloring this, before I started shooting. I ended up trying to color in the background on this one, and wrecked it! Dang. So the one for the card I’m showing has a white background. Not taking the chance on ruining that much work!

Charlies Angels InProgress
This video is shot in real-time….half an hour is less than I’d prefer to spend doing this much coloring, so have a little grace for going out of the lines here and there 🙂 I was trying to keep it paced quickly  so you don’t nod off. But – be sure to get a cup of coffee ready, you seriously need some time to get through this one.

The card is a simple round card –  I’m making the card into an AnyHero card for OWH one of our soldiers who I have a rather raucous banter with, and she’ll totally love it! I diecut the white base, and adhered the scallops on either side.

Sandy Allnock - Charlies Angels 1

Sandy Allnock - Charlies Angels2

Leave me a comment – I’d love to know if you have some “go-to” color combinations….I am forever changing my mind! But the ones in this video are pretty much my current faves.


18 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels

  1. actually I am three years almost late to this one! Love it, and to see how far you’ve come too! Wow, that is all I can say, and TFS, as always, Annette

  2. Great video. Where did that image of the 3 girls together come from, I can’t find it on the Saturate Canary site?

    1. It’s actually one I put together from three of their images — links to them are fairly early in the post.

  3. OMG! I love all the tips in this video. I am just learning to use my copics and I guess am still too scared to have favorite combos yet. You really are throwing me in the deep end with this awesome video. I think I might be a little braver with color. Thank you for your time!

  4. FABULOUS tutorial!!! Thank you Sandy!!! Hugs, Lesley

  5. I loved seeing that hair come together. I don’t know what my favorite combos are as I never write down what colors I use. Keep up the good work!

  6. I Just found site & WOW!!! I would never have used some of colours you did, but they look AMAZING! I’m gonna have to watch several times to get colours you used & then technique. I’m still learning but I LUV your work – It ROCKS!!

  7. so awesome~ what a well-made, enjoyable video!!! LOVE.

  8. Sandy, you are nothing short of amazing! I have the third book from Annie’s Attic and have been experimenting with coloring skin and hair in different combos, but no one brings it to life like you do. I don’t have any fave combos yet – still experimenting. I ripped pages from a fashion magazine featuring close-ups of hair and skin to use as references in my Copic journal – challenge is to find the right color markers. You go girl!

  9. I found OWH by watching one of your coloring tutorials and I am so impressed by your coloring skills. I love watching how your pen just seems to glide over the image and how the colors blend. I can appreciate the Charlie’s Angels angle. So far my favorites are E00, YR20, and E21. I also like YG11 and YG 03.

  10. I learn so much each time I watch you color! Thank you for the wonderful video and all the time and effort it took to put it together. I like the redhead’s hair coloring the most. The blue color under the black hair was shocking but you made it work beautifully! I think maaaaybe I’ll try it with a less intense blue ;-). All the way through the video I was thinking where’s the light source; why isn’t she mentioning it? Then at the end you mentioned your Light and Shade class and I thought, ah ha! It really is a super duper class and I would encourage anyone who wants to color to take it. BTW, your denim colors are my favorites too.

  11. Sandy,Sandy,Sandy! You are fearless with those Copics, girl! I would be terrified to slap blue down for black hair or use some of the colors you do for skin. Maybe someday, if I watch you enough, I will get my feet wet. Great video, as usual!

  12. Those three are beautiful! I have not been coloring with Copics long enough to know what my favorite combinations are. I keep discovering new combinations from people like you who are genorous enough to share their expertise. This would totally stress me out! What if I made a mistake as I was nearing the end — aaack!!! Thanks for the thorough detail.

  13. Saturated Canary! Fits right in with my little addiction. Thank you for all the coloring tips. Awesome job! 🙂

  14. Beautiful coloring as always! You keep me inspired.

  15. Sandy, I loved this video and your coloring.

  16. Another well done video. Amazing work. I appreciate all your time n loved in these teaching, training episodes. 🙂

  17. Although I have not started with Copic coloring, I am learning a lot from watching your videos. Love the variety you got on the three girls and in such a short time. No fave combos since I don’t have Copics.

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