2020 update: I’m no longer able to find a link to the ArtGrip, but I did give mine away. The stamp is no longer available either.

I’ve been playing around with lots of watercolor pencils lately – and wanted to share some ideas with you on using them!

This stamp was the perfect image to play around with some watercolor pencil techniques that I’ve been settling in with – blending, and some drawing too. I used the ArtGrip Aquarelle pencils (don’t confuse them with their regular ArtGrip pencils!) – they’re really nice. The tulip is easier than you think it might be!

I compared these Art Grip Aquarelle (crafter grade) pencils to my swanky set of Albrecht Durer (artist grade) pencils, both by Faber-Castell – and was having trouble seeing what the differences were. They’re all very lightfast, and nicely pigmented, and completely soluble (meaning you can get rid of all pencil “lines” with limited scrubbing). The Albrecht Durer line has 120 colors and Art Grip only 60 but….finally it dawned on me – the Art Grip pencils are thinner! They have a smaller lead at 3.3mm vs the 3.8 of the artist line. For crafters, that’s honestly not a big deal – still plenty of pencil to make lots of cards.

Sandy Allnock honey buns


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  • Art Impressions Stamps, Honey Buns —- No longer available
  • Albrecht Durer EHBLICK
  • Arches Cold Press Paper: EHBLICK
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