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Anita Jeram, one of my favorite-ever children’s illustrators, has joined up with Colorado Craft Company – for a line of STAMPS! GAH!!! And there’s a GIVEAWAY so keep on a-reading to the end of this post.

Welcome, Anita! You may know her from one of my favorites of her books, Guess How Much I Love You:

She also JUST came out days ago with a new book that’s on the way to my house! (Anita I would love to be your friend!)

In my World Cardmaking Day special video below, I’ll show you the whole release and my first cards made with them (pictured below), then give you some tips on painting Better Together! Have a cup of your favorite beverage and get your credit card ready (lol)…HOWEVER – note that my links to Ellen Hutson’s site are “preorder” right now; she is waiting for the shipment to get there but it should be on the way to you in a few days. Worth a couple days for that 20% sale, right? YAY!

Ok let’s do this:

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Better Together

Bunny, fox, hedgehog, squirrel, and mouse — all in one picture! You can make a winter scene like the one I showed in the video…

Or you could just use a flood of color! These stamps are super flexible. Look at Anita’s books for ideas too!

Birthday Wishing

This little bunny and his buddy are SO. FLIPPING. HAPPY! Who wouldn’t with a yellow background?

Though these little critters are intended for a birthday surprise – they make a nice Christmas card too. Just add snow!

Ice Cream Day

I had a cat years ago who LOVED Dryers Double Fudge Brownie. Literally! He shoved his little whiskers in my bowl ONLY when I had that flavor. Nothing else pleased his palate! So cats with frozen dairy confections make PERFECT sense to me.

Kittens and Mittens

More for kitty lovers – three little furballs in scarves, mittens and boots! And doesn’t a pink sky make for a nice surprise?

Snow Happy

The bunny is sharing his snowball with the deer — feeding his friend? Whatever the case it’s sweet! Painting note – the background was painted over the tree completely, just around the deer. Then the brown trunk painted on top (after dry) and snow added to that with a white pen.

Wishing You Happiness

This is the perfect name when the images are “artistically minded” don’t you think? The pups painting – oh my. Just like my babies! I painted the background around the square, and after painting the background and letting it dry I added the easel legs.

Mouse is jotting down notes…or maybe sketching?

Christmas Tree Cat

This one came out different – because of a different process! I couldn’t get a background I was pleased with – so I tried Distress Oxide inks instead. First Peeled Paint on the greens, wetting the branches a bit with my brush; while wet I partially stamped over it with black. That worked to give me a variety of greens, and that led me to do the same with the other parts – painting them THEN overstamping with an imperfect black inking so I didn’t get heavy solid lines.


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