If you haven’t had to play bingo with your hex chart….you might be an anomaly! Ha! As the creator of the Copic Hex Chart, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me where a particular color is. Sometimes even irate emails saying I “missed” a color! Nope nope. I didn’t miss any – they’re with their VISUAL neighbors, not the letter or number you expect them to be near!

While making up a new chart – I wanted to have an apples to apples comparison to see if my 3 year old chart had faded – I shot some video so I could show you where some of the colors are, and talk a little about how the chart was created. And its unavoidable imperfections!


Watch the video below or click HERE to view on YouTube.

How do YOU use your hex chart? I’d love it if you’d leave comments for other people who’d like to know how the chart can be utilized in coloring. You can leave them on this post, or on the video, or as a Review on the website – which might be one of the best places, since folks visiting there are really close to making the decision about whether or not they need one.

A request: If you post a pic of your hex chart, please do only post a section, shoot photos at an angle, etc. There are people constantly causing me headaches as I have to chase down photos that allow for theft of my copyrighted chart; it’s not that I am a pain by doing so, but if I don’t pursue offenders of my copyright and insist on removal of the images – or worse yet bring my lawyer in to pursue it – then I can lose my rights to owning it. So….I kinda have to come and message you if I see you post something you ought not do. The pics in this post are great ideas for ways you can post it without causing problems!

My chart is kept inside a notebook – you could put it on a clipboard with a piece of paper over it to protect it from the light, then you don’t have to worry about it fading for a long time. These inks WILL fade though, it’s one reason not a lot of people do fine art projects with Copics – they aren’t lightfast.


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