I was tickled to see these little Onesies – little people – in the Clearly Besotted release for this month, sent to me graciously by Stephanie. I’ve been wanting to do another Human Rainbow video – so here we go!

Color all the stamps! #thehumanrainbow

TheHumanRainbow is a little one-woman campaign to bring some diversity to our coloring. In our little cardmaking world, it’s just one way I can contribute to our national efforts to unify our country and celebrate the many colors we all come in! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Sometimes I’m a little shocked at how many markers end up out when I get done. LOL. I used 37 (GASP!) markers to color this card…don’t be intimidated, you wouldn’t need nearly that many. Maybe 33. 🙂 Sandy Allnock 37 markers

These little kiddos are cute to color one at a time – or a bunch at a time. Whatever works for you!Sandy Allnock thehumanrainbow


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