Congratulations to all of you who participated in the fundraiser last week to raise money to support flood victims in Baton Rouge! All proceeds from the Ciara and Friends digital stamps (listed below) have been donated, as well as matching funds – for a total of $1,120! See the little video excitement below or click HERE to watch on YT.

I get such a charge out of helping others – it’s kind of addictive to know you’re making a difference in people’s lives! I’m going to extend the fundraiser through August 31st….so please feel free to continue shopping!

  1. Ciara and Sandy (this one set is not new – it was in the store for a while.)
  2. Ciara and Penny
  3. Trig and Skyler
  4. Tai and Lisa
  5. Snoopy and Steve
  6. Skyedog and Kari
  7. Oliver and Shayla
  8. Cupcake and her toys
  9. Mr Fuzz and Jack
  10. Alvin and Julie

THANK YOU for helping our brothers and sisters in Louisiana – share with your friends so they can help out too!