Are you in need of ideas for wreaths – for any season? Pine, floral, sticks – they’re all here!

First though – this little sasquatch is hanging up HIS wreath – and you can learn how to make this wreath in the Holiday Interiors class!

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Wreaths for all seasons (stamped watercolor)

One Wreath Three Ways

Distress oxide Christmas wreaths

Today’s Crowdcast

I gathered with my patrons this morning to do a little drawing – a colored pencil spray of mistletoe. I did decide to make a mistletoe wreath out of it! You can join the replay just by becoming a patron – only $1 a month gets access to these, once a month. (The $10+ get a more intimate second live video plus other goodies.)

I had this little shadowbox frame for about 20 years sitting in the closet gathering dust. It now has a purpose!

Before the livecast I had practiced by making a card with just a spray of mistletoe…..and figured out a cool trick for that fabric ribbon. Tune in to see it happen on the wreath version.