For those who celebrate the solstice….or for those of us who are just happy the days will be getting longer from here on – lol – a quiet respite from whatever else is going on!


This entire painting was done with one blob of Daniel Smith’s Lunar Blue – it seemed a good kind of painting to put it through its paces in testing it out!

A word about Lunar Blue

I think I’m in love with this color….as I’m voting some colors off the island, this one wants IN! The granulation is off the CHARTS – you can see it also has a super wide range from the lightest of lights to deep dark blues in mass tone; and I love colors with that much range!

A word about paper

I had bought some Windsor & Newton watercolor paper a while ago, and I was withholding my opinion til I painted on it a few times.

It’s a little bit cheaper ($4.86) right now than Arches (about $4.99 a sheet) and Saunders (over $7 a sheet)…..I buy 10packs and you get a better break than that at Blick. Like $.50 a sheet difference!

WN stacks up as a slightly less-expensive by-the-sheet paper. This winter wonderland was painted on the rough WN paper. As Arches has gotten slower at restocking art stores, this is definitelya reasonable alternative, so if you’re stressing about paper, see about WN. I don’t like it as a fave first choice, but paint will move about the same as on Arches, and you’ll get very very similar results. (Links in the supply list at the end of this post).

A few other paintings

A few other pieces I’ve done on this same paper…I’m trying out some new colors too, and testing out the paper at the same time seemed a good idea!


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