Some subjects are just….well, odd to me. We’re all different and that’s great, but frankly I’ve not understood artists who paint the same thing all the time. It’s totally fine if they do but – that’s not my jam.

This particular rabbi, is one that’s ubiquitous no the web. In stamping. In home decor. In all sorts of places, a hare with eyes bulging out to the sides is just seemingly THE rabbit to paint. Why is that? I decided to paint it and see!

Tutorial: Why do so many artists watercolor this rabbit?

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

So, why this rabbit?

My guess: it’s pretty simple to draw. It doesn’t require getting a profile headshape right. And then the ears of a hare are so strangely big and exaggerated — if they’re off a little, it’s okay. It’s possible, too, that hares often pause and look at photographers this way>

The expression may contribute, too. It can be a happy or surprised rabbit, and with a little line here or there could be an expression that has a range of emotions.

I love you, Mom

As I mentioned in the video, I’m back on the east coast with my family.

In EXCELLENT news, Mom began rebounding. She’d called for a priest early on, and the doctors said to come immediately. But they’d begun antibiotics, oxygen, and more – and miracle of miracles, she’s been taking little steps of improvement.

I’ve visited with her daily, and had all kinds of conversations with medical staff about the effects that one line of treatment or another will encompass, and for those who’ve been through this, it’s lots of new terminology and much googling!. How didi people get through things like this without the aid of smart phones??

You might remember this photo of her, taken just months ago. She looks so proud and happy! Her smile couldn’t make my heart any more delighted. Mom is an artist, as you can see by the photo. She had won a competition for the company Christmas card design for the owners of her senior apartment building. She won a donation for a charity of her choice, and a big old dinner to invite all her friends and family to. Wish I’d been able to go!

It’s somehow perfectly appropriate that I had already decided to paint a rabbit today. It wasn’t inspired by Mom specifically, I’d still had that question about why folks paint this particular view of a hare.

But – all Mom’s life, she’s had a rabbit collection. Little figurines of all kinds. She’s given me several of them as she downsized over the last bunch of years, and they’re my treasures now. Along with the yellow ceramic cookie jar that my sisters and I fought over, one of our most precious memories of stealing cookies as kids! You may have spied that in some of my videos, behind me on the counter! 

This sweet little yellow rabbit has had his ear fall off and get glued back on time and time again. And I’ll keep gluing it as much as it requires!  just love him. And all the other bunnies that have been snuck into my birthday and Christmas packages over the years as she disbursed her collection among her daughters and granddaughters!

For the moment Mom is doing alright. She’s 94, and doing fabulously for her age! She battled cancer last year, followed by a fall/rehab, then Covid, then pneumonia and flu. Any of that might have been the instigator of her troubles this week that caused the family to all zip home within hours of a phone call.

But as always, Mom’s shocked us with just how strong she is. Actually, shocked is the wrong word. It’s no longer suprising that she can take a licking and keep on ticking!

We’re continuing conversations about what care she wants and needs going forward, and your prayers are welcomed for our whole famile, especially my mama. 🙂 

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Two birthday sales

In honor of 1) my mom and 2) how proud (and shocked!) she is that I am still in business, and of course 3) my 60th birthday tomorrow – I’m going to do the marketing thing now. (I guess reason #4 is that I need to pay for this emergency trip, too!)

Know that my two sales are Mom-endorsed! She’s an artist and believes in studying your field; and she also thinks people should buy art (mine, lol) for their Mother’s Day gifts this year. She’s told me I should paint a lot of mom-friendly things in the next few weeks to add to the shop as well, and I don’t disobey my mama.

So…..the two sales share the same coupon code because in the state I’m in while typing, I literally have no brain cells left. So use coupon code HBD60 – seeing as how tomorrow is my 60th birthday – at both places:

  1. Get 15% off any adult art class at using code HBD60
  2. Get 10% off any fine art at using code HBD60 – once I return home I’ll take care of shipping as soon as I can.

There Mom, hope the marketing made you proud.

PS That bokeh video…which has another bunny too!


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  1. Dawn Y.

    Sending sixty big, squishy birthday hugs, Sandy! I hope your mom will continue to feel better and better each day!❤️

    • Sandy Allnock

      I think better and better is off the table, though I’m praying for more comfort in the coming days. 🙂

  2. Helen Kalb

    Happy birthday Sandy and best wishes to your Mom. I hope you get to spend a little more time with her.

    Your rabbit painting and stories of your Mom and her rabbit collection made me think of my lovely Mom who passed 12 years ago at age 89. She used to send chocolate bars in the mail for my pet rabbit Austin (do not give rabbits chocolate!)

    I have also been collecting rabbit figurines since my early twenties, and on my nowadays unused card making blog I have a post about them.
    Your video went straight to my heart this morning, thank you!

  3. Kate B

    So good to hear your mom is rebounding. I’m a retired medical social worker. Definitely ask the doctors to speak in plain English and further explain terms, options, etc. However, if there are multiple family members, it’s best to appoint someone to be the family point of contact. Doctors teams usually “round” in the morning so good to have someone there early. Though nursing staff will be able to tell you when your mother’s team rounds. Rounds is when doctors visit their patients in the hospital. I always keep a notebook when a relative is in the hospital.

    And happy birthday to you!

  4. Noreen

    Much love, hugs and prayers for your mom and the family. Those are scary moments so enjoy every minute you still have with your mom. The artwork from both of you is absolutely gorgeous!! Take care!

  5. Stef Perry

    Such a beautiful painting Sandy, and that yellow ceramic bunny is too cute! No wonder it’s a fav, along with it being part of your Mom’s collection.

    Warm wishes to your Mom and Happy Birthday wishes to you Sandy! Sending prayers for you and your family!

  6. Melissa Teeling

    Sending well wishes for your mom and a most happy 60th birthday to you!

  7. Sharilyn Decker

    It’s always hard to make decisions for our loved ones. Pray for guidance and I will lift you and mom too.
    So I love the yellow bunny ceramic. I just learned a new trick when super glue doesn’t hold add a small sprinkle of baking soda to the spot. It is supposed to help it lock pieces together.

    The ears on the water colored bunny are so realistic!!! The 3 projects would make a great grouping on the wall!

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!

  8. June from Minnesota

    Sending feel better wishes to your Mom! Hang in there, Mom!


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