I’ve needed a new channel trailer (a short welcome video for brand new visitors to my channel)….my old one was just old and it needed a refresher. The art I wanted bits of, well…..that changed drastically in the plan! Scroll on down to read a little more about that process and the craziness I dealt with.

New channel trailer!

You can go leave a comment on the YT channel – and read the stories of others there too. Give each other encouragmenet! 

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

That leaf art

I wanted to film snippets of me working….and I had this great idea. Spill ink on a sketch, then create depth just in the areas the spill happened. First the spill was…not great! ha. I guess I need to practice pretty spills! But as is my wont, I did just proceed – I’d already done the deed, so I could at least practice the technique before redoing. This is what the piece looked like before I got out my pen:

And then….a black ink BLOOP from my pen! I had the cap on the back of it and was trying to remove it to re-cap the nib end, and it wasn’t letting go; I mindlessly twisted it, thinking maybe it screwed on the back (I knew that wasn’t the case) so I was actually moving the piston – and pushing the ink out! I wasn’t planning on doing anything but line work in black ink, but that of course changed with the advent of The Bloop. 

That led to adding a lot more black than had been planned! It was touch and go with the amount; I wanted to keep some of the light created by the spill, but to make it look like I meant to use that much black. Did I succeed?

All those videos

In case you missed any of this in about the last year….here are links! Some are instagram short videos, others are full YT videos.

Free class is fully posted now!

If you missed out on the free class announcement in the previous video on Monday….there’s a free class on Artventure for you! A new lesson was added each day, and today’s the final one – hope you enjoy making fall leaves!


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  1. Judy

    Sandy, You more than succeeded, stunning piece of artwork. Thank you for always encouraging us.

  2. Sharon B

    Hi Sandy, I love your blog and your channel – you are so talented! Your art is amazing ♥️. I hope you get many more followers on your sites. Kind regards.

  3. Teresa

    Sandy, this leaf piece is outstanding in every way……I LOVE everything about it!!! As another commentator wrote, I too am so glad I found you. Your talent knows no bounds and your beautiful personality shines through that equally beautiful smile. Your videos are so very helpful and informative…..and I personally find them so very peaceful and calming in this ever stressful world. I love the new trailer too!! I have had a life-long love of art and crafts of all sorts and mediums but have spent most of my life in other pursuits. I sort of ‘rediscovered’ this love via the “wonder” of watercolors and sketching a few years ago and even started a little Etsy shop to hopefully at least keep me in art supplies when I retire from my RN duties in another 5 1/2 years. You and your work are very much needed and appreciated! Wishing you MUCH success and happiness!!

  4. Candy Miller

    I am so happy I discovered you! I’ve had so much fun following you the past few months on your YouTube channel and Instagram. I joined your Artventure site last night. Whooo-hoo! I’m so impressed with your artistic skills and the success you have with any medium you use! I’ve always loved crafts, but I have next to no natural artistic ability and zero art background…but I have such a desire to create something of my own now. I have perused your classes…numerous times. First, I thought I was going to take your jumpstart colored pencil class. Then I saw some of your watercolor creations and decided to start there. In fact, I just received my Daniel Smith essential set! 🙂 But today, I saw you basic basic drawing class and now I’m wondering if I should start there!? As you can see I have decisions to make! You have soooo much content—a mother lode of tutorials and classes! Thank you for inspiring and helping newbies like me! Congrats on your new YT trailer—it’s fantastic and showcases your extensive talent and your amazing personality shines through! Wishing you continued success!

  5. Gab

    That new trailer is fantastic!

  6. Terry

    You are so talented Sandy! You make it look so easy. I love trying to copy you and although I don’t succeed….I had a great time trying. Thank you for all you do!

  7. Chantal

    Love the new trailer!
    And this piece is also very good…

  8. Eliece S Edge

    I once took a class from Bob Phillips where his goal was to loosen us up. His mantra was “Celebrate your mistakes”. I believe that is what you did here. Beautiful work!

  9. Win

    I was surprised to see the way you poured the ink onto the sketch. That took bravery! Video is great and shows off in just 90 seconds your great talents. Hopefully new folks will find it in droves and join the artventure!

  10. KarenL

    LOVE this! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and “how-to” posts–and btw I also love the new channel trailer! Well done!


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