Well hey there and Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! Hope your season is going well so far!

I thought I might pop in with a little how’s-it-going myself as I’m on a sabbatical-that’s-not-very-sabbatical-ish. Commissions are underway but as most are gifts I won’t share them til after Christmas.

First, one expectation that seems to never fail to happen: getting sick when I have down time. It’s as though my body says “Hey! We have time to lay around and not do anything for days on end!” Fortunately these two nursemaids pin me down to administer pup snuggles.

That artisan fair

It went fairly well, all in all! Not as organized as I’d have liked, but I sold a decent number of the tags, bookmarks, and ornaments that I’d made for it, and a few paintings as well. Plus some commissions. All good!

The atmospheric river

Wreaking no end of havoc where I live….but so far so good at my house.

The ballet

I got to go see the Nutcracker this week! And surprisingly enough I met the mom of one of the dancers on Threads who’d posted about being SO PROUD of their child who’d wanted to be a ballerina since 3 years old….and now is a soloist at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. A lovely night out!

The destash and more….

I’m having a big ol’ last sale of the holiday season since we’re approaching the time when the post office can’t get art to you in time for Christmas. 

Some new pieces are in the shop, and even a destash, and tags, and ornaments, and, well, I gave early access to patrons (another reason to become one, lol!) and they bought up a lot of the treats.

But there’s still lots left, and I’m fundraising for World Central Kitchen! So if you need a set of alcohol markers, or a mini painting or ornament for a gift, or, well, anything there – I’m going to the post office next week and can ship it out to ya.

The story of the bears

One of the group of items that’s in the shop has a special little story. I found these little bears at Goodwill a few weeks ago – partly painted. Their noses and toes only. At first I picked up the bag and wondered, what the heck? Who paints just part of something? Then the thought occurred to me that it might have been an artist who didn’t last long enough on this earth to finish the project. 🙁 And I made it a little mission night after night to finish these babies and make them the best little bears they could ever be. I’m not sure I’m ready to part with them yet, but I added them to the shop if you want to give one a home. And think of all the half-completed craft projects that never get a chance to be finished. Go complete that one you’ve got sitting around, okay?

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  1. Donna Helzer

    I think I have found you again…but I don’t remember when it was that I found you before….. So, I am a card maker who colors in stamped images. I don’t just draw something from scratch. But, being bed ridden for two months w a broken toe, stretched me a bit. With the Lord’s help I was able to make 180 cards for our volunteer department to send out. I loved every minute…but made a mess on our bed every day. My patient hubby helped transfer my tools to work with.

    During that time my daughter sent me a Beautiful Word Bible. I have loved pencil coloring the images throughout the pages. I have remembered Bible art and started exploring ….. finding you! I love your work and would love to learn more! Where do I start? What class? What YouTube channel? I can’t seem to find your specific Bible Journal channel. Words have always been my friends, even though other think i have too many!!! I have always had a journaling notebook of some kind to process the scriptures and process what God is saying to me! He is so good! (Rabbit Trail!!)

    So, when you are feeling better and have time, would you let me know where to start? In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my coloring the illustrations in my Bible! I will pray for your Christmas to begin your Easter journey and for healing in your body. Thank you for your time!

  2. Charlotte Wulff Johansen (Charlie)

    You did SO well finishing those cute bears. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Wishing you and the fur babies a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024.
    I hope to get a card of to you but we have been under the weather here too. If it arrives after Christmas I hope you will still like it. Hugs from me and Fifty in Denmark.

  3. Karen Zemko

    I sure can relate to “UFOs” (unfinished objects). They are usually classes I took that didn’t get finished in class or at home. Great idea to dig one out and finish it! Hope you are feeling better and get to enjoy some “down” time. Guess I will too, as my 92 year old client passed away yesterday. :(. I was blessed to know her for 4 short months. She will get to celebrate Christmas with Jesus this year.


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