I’m hoping you’ve been snagging some of the United We Flourish stamp sets – these are partnership stamp sets that Ellen Hutson arranges with some of our favorite companies – and focuses on an uplifting set! Our world REALLY needs encouragement nowadays, and we need to recognize that only together will we take strides forward – #unitedweflourish! These sets are perfect for that, and this month’s Altenew set is no different! Read on to find out my plan for these 2 cards.

And by the way – I went up to Ellen’s warehouse to help out on Friday; I’ve been asking if I could come volunteer for a day, and since they had the big project of packing up the sets, (ie no training needed!) they invited me to come help! I colored up a few Copic versions of this card front…and tucked them into 3 stamp sets. Let me know if you get one! And if you find your insert is upside down or backwards….well, then you’ll know I packed them. LOL! See the quick video HERE.

On Instagram, I had colored some “shadow” flowers in the background of some Irises – and decided today I’d attempt that in watercolor with the new Poppy Fields set! It’s way easy to do, and will help your watercolored stamps look like they’re part of a soft, fresh flower garden!

Who I send cards to

Lots of folks ask me what I do with all the cards I make…..

  • I send lots to patrons (they get 1-2 cards per year), and that’s a way for those who want some happy mail to get on the list.
  • I send lots to random students. I have addresses in the database from the purchases, and that’s a great way that I like to spread some sunshine around the globe! Because yes, sometimes my randomizer selects people with faraway addresses, yep yep!
  • I send lots to first responders. I did this recently in a public way, encouraging everyone to send cards to Houston folks HERE – but remember, you can do that ANY time. For instance, if you hear about a police or fire event in a particular town, go to Google and look up that town’s police department. You can send any department a card anytime. FYI just because we don’t say so publicly on Facebook, we can do so individually and quietly…..being good to other humans needs no #hashtag.

In the video I mentioned sending cards to “famous people I admire.” And I thought maybe I’d try that with some folks making good news who I admire. There are some prominent folks setting the pace for donating and assisting in Houston, like Harry Connick Jr – though I think I’d make him a more masculine card, eh?

Other folks are standing up for causes, beliefs, or missions I approve of. I recognize them when reading the paper or watching the tv and being inspired by the way they speak out, or the action they took! Folks like this give me courage to stand up for what I believe in too, and I want to start reaching out to send THEM some sunshine too – to encourage them to KEEP doing the right thing.

Googling for home addresses of famous people often doesn’t work; but…

  • You may need to do some real research and it may take time. Be patient.
  • Find out, if you can, what group or company they’re associated with or work for…..a tv network or show, a university, a charity, a book publisher, a movie studio, etc, and send it to that organization.
  • Email the org to ask if that’s a good place to send a card to the person; FYI keep your email SHORT so it gets read and not filed!
  • Some may have talent reps – and you could send something to their agency that would get to them.
  • Don’t be weird and insist on a direct address; be willing to just hope that it gets forwarded to the person….but do be creative in thinking about how you can find out where to mail something.

Oh and be sure to include your return address on the envelope. With the weird world out there, you don’t want your note to get tossed in the trash for looking spammy.


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