Welcome to my stop on the Colorado Craft Company bloghop! So glad you’re here for a sweet kitten project….she’s made you some chocolate chip cookies, but watch out for a few stray cat hairs when you try one ;0)

This stamp set is called Bake Me Happy – and you simply need to get it not just because it’s adorable – but so you can come join me for a free Zoom call and we’ll paint it together! Read on for more.

Tutorial: Watercoloring a Stamped Kitten (with dot card)

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Adapt this design!

To stamp the images, I floated the cat above the bowl to leave room for contents; when stamping the utensils, I only added ink onto the outside edges so they disappear into the cookie dough.

This is painted with a dot card but try it with your own watercolors. And if you want to have the ability to make that line under the kitten disappear without masking, use a light ink; this one is tan, no longer available, but any light color can do.

Try making your cookie dough into flour by just some white shading; but be careful to either mask out or cover the straight line under her chin. White gouache can help with that, but be aware it’s whiter than most watercolor papers.


You’re invited to ZOOM!

I’ll be on Zoom with a version of the piggie card; since I’d like to squeeze in a second version too, simplifying it from this a little will likely be in order. If you RSVP I’ll send out the color list and instructions to have your paper stamped before that day. It’s a couple weeks away so don’t panic yet; I’ll send that out a few days ahead.

For updated details like, oh, that whole date/time thing, you can go to Artventure and check the Events tab. It’ll show the correct time and date in your zone. Sign up for my newsletter below, so you can find out about all the OTHER World Watercolor Month shenanigans I’m cooking up for you starting Monday!1

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Dot Card Fundraiser

Purchase a “dot card” with Daniel Smith watercolor paint dots you can wet and use! Orders will include a handmade ATC created by ME! I’ve been making more so I can get one to everybody. 🙂

Postage included; see color list in description on the page linked below. Profits will be donated to International Child Art Foundation.  One per customer.

Bloghop and giveaways

If you use my links to make a purchase they will be entered to win the entire release!

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  3. Bake Me Happy 

Colorado Craft Company will give away one free clear stamp from commenters here on this post! You can comment up until Midnight (ET) July 2nd. They’ll contact the winner and announce the winners on July 3rd on their blog.

  1. Adrienne Kennedy
  2. Amy Tsuruta
  3. Amy Young
  4. Daniel West
  5. Donna Hitz
  6. Erin Thompson
  7. Kassi Hulet
  8. Kelly Taylor
  9. Koren Wiskman
  10. Jennifer Kotas
  11. Nancy Sheads
  12. Sandy Allnock <—That’s me!
  1. Jennifer Gross
  2. Joe Sysavath
  3. Noga Shefer


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  1. Ms. Tamp

    Fun color samples! I like the toppled bowl idea.

  2. Karidan Jackson

    Love the water coloring soo pretty!

  3. Jenn Borjeson

    Oh my – this is so sweet! Great coloring!!!

  4. E LJ

    I am so glad to see you stamping, I have missed you.

  5. gail

    appreciate the video

  6. Brenda K

    This was so fun to watch you create!

  7. Pam Wright

    Love the cards and watercoloring


    It is wonderful to see you stamping, I have missed you teaching me. Thank you for the relaxing video, it made my morning.

  9. L Glover

    Love your artistic take on this new set. Simply perfect!!!

  10. Pam Dunbar

    Love this, you are so fun to watch. You are a water coloring master!

  11. Andre M.

    Thanks so much for the video process for this delightful card.

  12. Barbara-Jean K

    You are definitely the watercolor expert! The cards are precious!

  13. Patti

    I love what you do! we’re an orange cat family, that stamp is too cute!

  14. Candy Miller

    I’ve watched your video twice and so far! The stamp set is just adorable! I love the way you created such cute scenes with the stamps–leaving empty space for the dough in the bowl was genius! I can’t wait to Zoom with you and friends and see you create more cuteness with the set!

  15. Deb

    Wish I could watercolour like that! Love the card!

  16. Brenda L

    Your kitty is just too adorable! You make watercoloring look SO easy. Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. Karen

    Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Pam

    Love the watercoloring!

  19. Teresa

    This makes me want to lull out my inks and brushes. So cute!

  20. Carrianne Banul

    OMG! Love your cards and watercolored, WOW! I am not the best watercolorist but you are an inspiration to all of us! Absolutely beautiful!

  21. Helen F

    Love, love, love this sweet image and watching you colour it Sandy. I never tire of watching you work. Love this release! Thanks for the great inspiration! 🙂

  22. Mia

    I love this card. Loved watching you work through getting the cookie dough just right. Adorable stamp.

  23. Joseph Huff

    Another beautiful creation Sandy. Thank you for sharing this and for your classes in general. You are spectacular.

  24. Dana

    Such an adorable card! You make me want to buy the stamp set! Love the colors you chose!

  25. Belinda B Hall

    So cute.

  26. Heather Ferguson

    Wowza! Love both cards and your water coloring is perfection for these images!

  27. Tami R

    Both cards are adorable! I learned a lot from watching you paint the cookie dough (using wet vs. dry brush).

  28. mimi

    What enchanting cards from a fantastic CCC release! Adorable critters, a quirky cake… it’s pure fun. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Dawn Rogers (Jomada Dawn)

    Such a joyful sunny card – and so interesting to watch and see your techniques for achieving this

  30. Ruth Siegel

    Always love your work. The kitten is adorable .A must have.

  31. Samantha Pfrimmer

    I love them so much! Wonderful!

  32. Robyn R

    I love watching you create art. I learn so much watching. Thank you!


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