It’s time to gather up all the watercolor pencil tutorials into one beautiful collection! I’ve linked a few general ones at the beginning, then went by brand – Inktense, Albrecht Durer, Supracolor, Museum Aquarelle. Most tutorials can be recreated in any brand though! Pick one and get out your pencils to try it out.

Click on any photo to go to that post and watch the video!

Watercolor Pencil Brand Comparison

Comparing papers for watercolor pencils

Unboxing and swatching Altenew watercolor pencils and watercolors

Inktense Pencils

5 ways to apply Inktense Pencils

Tips for Coloring with Inktense Pencils

RV Camper Trailers

DIY Mermaid Background Paper

Whimsical Architecture

Crazy Birds Craft Together

Color a simple mason jar

EASY Peekaboo Critter Card

Color a foxy valentine card – Inktense + watercolor

Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils

Tips to choose colors

Pink Amaryllis

Cats by a fence

The Great (Dog) Pumpkin

Color Vintage Easter Bunnies

How to color a Gnome in a Forest

Using watercolor pencil shavings to make sea foam

Watercolor Pencils, Tulips – and a cute bunny butt!

Bokeh floral background in watercolor pencil

Coloring an Iceberg in Watercolor Pencils

Museum Aquarelle Watercolor pencils

Animal Nativity Scene

Speed coloring – Marching band mice

Snowy birch tree background – Museum Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils

Supracolor watercolor pencils

Testing Supracolor for Crafts & Fine Arts

Snowy Candy Store Scene in Supracolor watercolor pencils

How to make peekaboo shaker window cards