If you’ve made it through the Watercolor basics – then the Watercolor beginners posts – then you just might be ready to tackle some elements of scenes! Lots of these will be great next-steps as you grow in your watercoloring on cards….just tap on a picture to go see the tutorial video!

Watercolor a bird in a sunny garden

Watercolor Underwater Otters

Paint a prehistoric scene in watercolor

Watercolor a plein air scene with pups!

The easiest of watercolor scenes: Pet card

Fixing my impatient mistakes in watercolor

Watercolor Color Block Doodling

Watercoloring “around” a stamp

Watercolor an Aurora Borealis Scene

Vintage Storybook Watercolor Cards

Watercolor a hole in the ice

Watercolor a sunset forest scene

Watercolor a multicolor graduated wash sky

Watercolor a colorful night sky

Watercolor a simple mountain scene

Watercolor skies and outdoor scenes

Watercoloring Ostriches

Watercolor a Pine Tree for a holiday card

Monochromatic Watercolor

Peerless Watercolor: Eiffel Tower Scene in Paris

One easy way to watercolor rain

Watercolor Rainbow Blends – Inlaid dies

Watercolor a simple coastal scene card