Hello and welcome to JULY! I love World Watercolor Month – it’s an excuse to totally throw myself into painting. If you’re not a watercolor-y person though there’ll be some fun for you on my blog and YT this month – sometimes I’m liberal in my interpretation of what watercolor is – is it….coloring water in another medium? Might be! But for today – it’s truly watercolor painting. And an capstone to my week of ice cream!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

If anyone finds the website of the ice cream shop in Seoul, let me know….I want to see more of their inspiration!

Isn’t this cute? I kinda love it! It’s perfect for my artistic sweet tooth.

World Watercolor Month Shenanigans!

  • Charlie’s got all the official info and prompts over on his page HERE
  • My zipper pouch can be purchased HERE
  • Watercolor classes and mini classes are on sale HERE – whatever the $ amount is that you get as a discount, I’ll match that amount to donate to ICAF!
  • I’ll be painting a lot on THIS instagram account. And of course my normal posts on THIS account which may have watercolor but other mediums too!


In case you missed this week’s ice creams….


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