Is it summer yet!?!? Oh my. I’m ready now that I got to create a watercolor hibiscus card! Many thanks to ZIG for sharing a few of these dynamo pens with me. It’s an expensive gift, since now #ineedtobuyallthecolors!!

Zig sent me a few of their Clean Color pens, and I started out testing them on some different papers. I discovered the pens definitely like watercolor paper most….I guess I would too if I were a pen like these! The colors are SO vibrant…and they say “Real Brush” on the sides of the pens, and they really mean it. These aren’t your average foam-type nib, they’re actual bristles! You can use them with or without water – just look at how beautifully they turn into watercolor by watching the video below on coloring the watercolor hibiscus stamp by Technique Tuesday.

I loved seeing that the pens can be purchased individually – buying a set can be a little pricey, so we can collect them one-by-one like we do our Copics, yay!Be prepared to be gentle with water around these markers…the instant they get wet they’re ready to play! But it does dab off pretty easily on the paper used on my card.  It was definitely great to see that the ink I stamped with didn’t bleed at all, too.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor Hibiscus2

Some of you probably want to know what my black watercolor brush is – I’m leeeeeaning heavily on the Silver Brush brand right now; it’s a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament. UPDATED 2020: A size 8 is a good all round size for stampers – it will point pretty small, and after years of practice, I can easily get this kind of detail without having all the sizes.

Sandy Allnock - Watercolor Hibiscus3


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