I got myself a little derailed in advance of this week – I thought Shark Week started today and I was. Totally. Prepared. Ha~ that’s not for two weeks yet! (Fun fundraiser coming when that happens, stay tuned!) So instead – I’ll dive into something I’ve been practicing behind the scenes – painting oceans and waves! This first painting is a pretty easy one, given the complexity I’ve gotten into…I hope some of you might try it!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

I do recommend if you try it, don’t just go card-sized. I think that’s been an issue for a number of crafters who try my watercolor paintings and then come back frustrated. One of the things this subject requires is having pointed, not blunt, ends on the shapes – and it’s super hard to do that in a tiny 4×5 painting! But if you learn how to ease up on brush pressure and figure out how wet the brush should be to achieve a nice pointed tip – then you’ll have a much easier time translating that into a smaller piece!


If you’ve read this far….yes I’m working on the blog design again! It’s not ready for primetime yet but hopefully it functions for you. I’m aiming for a relaunch of it in August, once I get it all finished! 🙂


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