Today, it’s just one flower petal, since filming the entire flower would have been crazy-long (and I would have run out of things to say!) But  you get the idea from just one petal – so that’s what I show you on today’s video.

Sandy Allnock - Just One Petal

I’ll talk a little more about the book that this lesson is from after you check out the video.

I discovered Anna Mason‘s book called The Modern Flower Painter when I visited Daniel Smith a few months ago; while the techniques she uses for her amazing watercolor flowers  are far beyond most of us, I was inspired to try one anyway! Mine isn’t nearly as detailed as her sample, but….it was still a good challenge! I did ask her permission to share my video and she delightfully said yes.

Sandy Allnock - Just One Petal - watercolor flowers series 6

Note: supplies listed below are what I *now* recommend in 2021; this is a very old video.


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  • Daniel Smith Watercolors EHBLICK
  • Schmincke Palette EHBLICK
  • Half pans EHBLICK
  • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8 EHBLICKAMZ
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