January 2021: This is one of my earliest watercolor flower videos! Yes, the date on this post will tell you just how long ago this was. But there are some good tips in here anyway for those just starting out!

As I’m starting my watercolor journey, I don’t really know what I’m doing – but I’m going to give it a good try! With the aid of some pretty stencils, I hope to make my chances of success better!

I love the loose look of this style of watercolor flowers…and it might serve me well while traveling to Europe and trying to paint quickly! I’m not sure if the weather will be cooperative, so I’m looking for various ways of capturing what I see easily, in case it’s raining. Sadly it’s not spring, so I probably won’t have need to watercolor flowers. 🙂


I bought a set of Koi watercolors, and I’m pretty sure they arent the best ones, but since I’m traveling to Europe soon, I wanted to get some small sets to try out and be ready for my trip!

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Not bad for a newbie huh?

Alternate stencils

As of 2021 I couldn’t find the Penny Black stencil anywhere except at Walmart, for a super high price! But here are some other ideas:


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