I’ve gathered a whole bunch of watercolored flower projects here on this page – lots are old, so pardon the lack of availability of stamps in modern times! But some extra suggestions have been added to the posts that would be good substitutes. Click on any picture to go to that post with video!

Negative and positive painting – with stencils

Unexpected technique with unexpected ink

Loose watercolor flower cards and postcards

Paint a poppy using a stencil

Lost and Found Watercolor Garden (salt technique)

Watercoloring Transparent Tulips

Watercoloring “Shadow” Flowers

Watercolor vintage roses

Misty Painted Poppies

Watercolor Handdrawn Floral

Soft watercolor flowers

No Line Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Crimson Blush Roses

Painting with Thirsty Brushes: Mondo Hydrangea

Strip of Vintage Flowers (Watercoloring layer stamps)

DIY watercolor patterned paper

Watercolor Flowers with Dot Charts

Paint a Crocus Garden

Loosely Painted Buttercups: Easy watercolor!

Watercoloring ONTO stamps

Distress Inks, meet paints! ft Mondo Pansy

Bokeh Cherry Blossoms

Watercoloring flowers with the aid of stencils

Loosely Painted Holly

No line copic vs watercolor

Super Easy Mondo Watercolor Succulents

Vintage Watercolor Flowers

Mask While Embossing + easy watercolor