It’s GIVING TUESDAY! Ever since I ran Operation Write Home as a charity years ago, I’ve appreciated giving so much more than ever. I mean, I always knew organizations needed money. But the idea of running on a shoestring really hit me hard back then—and anything I can do to help other orgs become sustaining so they can focus on the work, not the money. Here’s a little blast from way back in the past:

Whatever your cause and passion, please do go give something today. Set up a regular giving plan with them….I’ve got plans for monthly giving – even tiny amounts – with 4 organizations, and I move heaven and earth to be sure I can cover those. (I even missed my cable bill earlier this year to help keep food going to Ukraine through World Central Kitchen!)

This year, Giving Tuesday’s on one of my YT days. AND it’s my final ful ltutorial for 2023! So I decided to make a bigger push toward getting something ready for today. Late last night I finished getting the files uploaded for a new class, and put the final touches on a page all about CHARITY at ! I hope you can find something to participate in, whether large or small.

Tutorial: Watercolor fiesta (my last video!)

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Green Thumb Watercolor: Poinsettia

Another in the Green Thumb series! It’s been added to the Green Thumb Watercolor Sketches class with the sketch – or you can try your hand at sketching your own! I used Indanthrone and Azo Yellow for this one – a bit of a wild combo since Indanthrone like to stay center-stage. Funds generated from this course will benefit the Nature Conservancy. 

Arctic Bear Watercolor

This level 4 Arctic Bear Watercolor class has sooooo many tips in it! I went back in my mind to so many troubles I had as a new watercolorist taking on more than I was ready for. If you have problems, I’ve been there! This isn’t an easy painting by any means, but for those who give it a try, I promise  you’ll learn a lot regardless of how your bear comes out. Funds from this course will support Polar Bears International..

Visit the charity page for more!

The courses launched over all these years are listed on the Charity page, as well as the printables. I’ve added some just for today, in case there’s a class that tugs at your heart too!


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  1. Beth Williams

    I go all the way back to Operation Write Home also. IFAW & the Ukrainian Red Cross are among my monthly donations. I donated to the WCK early on in the Ukrainian crisis. After your well earned time off, could you contact me. I would like to donate monthly but can’t figure out how to specify where I want the money to go.
    Have a peaceful,safe & merry holiday season.

  2. Terelyn Garlington

    I participated in Operation Write Home. I have a friend who’s husband was deployed as a chaplain and he received a box of cards.
    My mom was an orphan and raised in a children’s home, it was a good one and we continue to give to them.


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