As they say – if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right? I’ve had one HECK of a week fighting this cable slowdown! The company came out to our neighborhood to “improve” service, and all week it’s been half speed. GAH! But I’m going to laugh about it by vlogging from my car and using even MORE expensive phone data (I already used up the extra I had left on my account, phooey!) and get a video out today anyway!

The vlog:

Stay tuned to the end!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Watercolor Bouquets Class!

While I didn’t get it ALL done and launched when planned (thus disappointing my hopes to cover the mortgage, gah!), I did get the preclass lesson uploaded as well as lesson one. And Lesson one is all about thumbnail sketches which can keep you busy for a week anyway 🙂 Sign up right now for a $10 discount!

GIVEAWAY: if you sign up for the class and then win, I’ll just refund your fee. That way you get to start on lesson 1 this week!

Artventure Zoom TODAY

We’re gathering on Zoom for an Open Studio session – no agenda, just making art and chatting. Join us anytime in the 2 hour window! I’m turning off every bit of internet-enabled stuff so hopefully will be able to host a stable Zoom with my slow internet. Oh and I’ll be working on my birdos for Whimsical Sketching class.

Check the events calendar in the top menu at Artventure for the zoom link.


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Coming up

February 1 is around the corner! A growing group of us will be starting (or restarting) the 30 days to more confident sketching class! I’ll be redrawing them myself too (no video) and checking to see if I have additional tips to provide inside the lessons. Probably no Tiny Tutorials, that’s a lotta content, but we’ll see!

If you’ve wanted to learn to draw but need someone to walk alongside you, this is the best opportunity! We’ll all get through it together. Again its being hosted over at Artventure.

I need a nap!

After the Zoom I think I’m gonna log off EVERYthing and bake. Or something… can slow internet make you so tired!?!?

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  1. Lura Bacalzo

    How to pick my favorite flower in a bouquet you ask? Way too difficult, so I will have to go with two choices. I will say daisies and lavender. They bring me lots of joy and are so pretty and simple. Thank you for all your inspiration Sandy!

  2. Nancy

    I love spring flowers, tulips and daffodils!

  3. Jannis

    That’s a tough question… there are sooo many flowers… but I’m going to say daisy… looking forward to the class… and I loved the 30 to better sketching class… I think that one if my favourite class of all


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