In preparation of today’s 1/6/21 livestream for my patrons all about watercolor mixing, I’ve assembled a collection of my introductory watercolor blog posts with videos. Info in them has been updated, since when I wrote them I knew next to nothing!

Getting Started: Watercolor Paper and Pan Paints

Getting Started: Watercolor Brushes I

Getting Started: 17 Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor: Brushes II: Synthetic vs Natural Hair

Brush Care

Understanding Daniel Smith Watercolor Ratings Chart

Getting to know Daniel Smith Watercolors: Dot charts

Getting to know Daniel Smith Watercolors: Essentials set

Getting to know Daniel Smith Watercolors: Primateks

Choosing your own watercolor palette

My 2019-2021 crafty palette

An ode to tiny palettes (for travel)

Unboxing and swatching 2 art mediums

A watercolor hex chart? (spoiler alert: no)

Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolors

Comparing gold metallic watercolors

Using watercolor grounds

Watercolor sketchbook flipthrough & review

Which watercolors play nice together? Easy testing and doodling

Comparing 3 watercolor paper textures

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