When shooting this video a few weeks back, we were in the midst of really strange skies – orangey yellow, with a blood red sun, all from local fires happening. That got me thinking – harvest moon would be great for a halloween card! I had this Witching You the Cutest set from Darcies in my stash, and decided to use it!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Handling your hot mess moments

From responses to other “oopses” in my videos, I know many of you appreciate seeing the messes as they happen…and fixes. I don’t know how much I can teach you about those moments, since your oopses are different than mine. (And frankly, I don’t make the same oops multiple times, I keep compounding them instead! ha!) But the one commonality: KEEP GOING. The paper is already used, it’s already got no value to you – and sometimes those are the “freedom” moments as an artist. You lose the sense of panic over a ruined piece, since you don’t expect it to come out. So you can try things. Try a brush stroke. Try a new color. Try something you have never tried before. Squeeze every bit of learning out of that piece of paper that you can – make it count!


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