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Hello everyone! I’m here on Tuesday instead of Monday this week because there’s a little something special for you today….CCC is doing a HUGE complete bundle giveaway to ONE lucky winner – their whole new release! To be entered you have to use MY affiliate link to shop from….which is this link!

There is no free shipping code….just use my link and free shipping will happen for ya. You’re welcome!

ALSO: I’m doing a give away of one set from the release, too— just leave a comment on this post!  The giveaway will end on the 21st at Midnight MST and CCC will pick a winner and notify you. Good luck!


Tutorial: Watercolor a glass ornament

I stamped the kitty inside the ornament, masking off the feet by wiping them off with a baby wipe before stamping….then the rest is painted — look Mom, no stamps! Be sure to watch the painting of the background where I lifted bokeh lights using a baby wipe – super easy way to add a little something something to a scene.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube and leave comments over there.

Isn’t that a cute little kitty? I hope there’s an air hole for him to breathe in there! By the way I did a super popular Bokeh background tutorial in several mediums earlier this year, if you missed that, check it out HERE.

The pup didn’t make it on camera but he’s still adorable! You can stamp any image inside this glass ball – or turn it upside down and make it a snowglobe!

New Christmas Berries class

It’s both World Watercolor Month AND Christmas in July – so how about a watercolor class all about making Christmas cards? No stamps necessary here, we start with white paper! Though you might like the sentiments in the current CCC release, there’s some nice ones for making these into Christmas cards! Sign up for class here.

Don’t forget to enter to win!

The entries close on the 21st so leave a comment below – and shop with free shipping here to qualify for the giveaway of the full bundle!

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I’m doing a little work on the blog – and this is the first blog post written in the new theme. There may be some weird things going on; if you noticed anything different from before, let me know? I could be breaking stuff that’s sent to you by email. HA!


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  1. jpr

    OMGosh Sandy, you are sooo talented. Sadly, I’m not. Hope I wasn’t the only one looking all over for the “ornament stamp” that doesn’t exist. Super beautiful!

  2. Jill Rice

    You make it all look so effortless! I am absolutely enthralled

  3. Sheri Kempke

    Beautiful cards and I can’t wait to watch the video during my lunch break. I love this new release from CCC!

  4. Charlotte Ragan

    I love how easy you make everything look. I haven’t painted on cards before but I would like to, so I think I need this class.

  5. Anita Trippi

    Lovely inspirational work, Sandy, as always you go above and beyond❤️

  6. Vickie Davis

    WOW! Your cards are awesome and you make it look so easy.

  7. Beverly Pevarnick

    I love you work and this is inspiring. When I first saw the blog post I thought the images were actually glass! You are amazing

  8. kimberly

    I would so love to take a class, I love your backgrounds especially these holiday ornaments! Love how you used the new CCC release.

  9. Frances A Smith

    Sandy, you always inspire me whatever you do. Thanks.

  10. Jeanne Rice

    Love the cards and video! I need to check out the berries class but I know I will sign up for it. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  11. Linda Sivyer

    Hi Sandy!
    First off, you are a wonderful person and have mad talent as an artist. I have followed you for many years and you never cease to amaze me!

    I loved your card ideas and adore the glass ornament design and appreciate the tutorial!

  12. Bonita Brock

    I love this look of glass with the watercolors!!!!

  13. Elaine Brown

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! some days you just need a little nudge 🙂

  14. Debbie Baker

    I just love watching you paint, color or draw. So talented! These Christmas (soon to be) cards are lovely.

  15. Niki van Brussel

    These are so cute!

  16. LoriS

    Wow, these are lovely! As you saw on IG, I was trying watercolors yesterday. You are a marvel — it looks so easy on your paper! I’d love to win a gift from CCC, although I did order the Xmas hats stamps and dies. There were so many sets I really liked, but I made myself choose just one so that my budget would not be blown.
    Thanks for sharing your talent!!
    Lori S in PA

  17. Miesje Flach

    Your talent always amazes me! I love the glass ornaments and thank you so much for videoing it! I am going to watch it this afternoon!

  18. Lynda J

    Always love to watch you work! Adorable!

  19. Donna L Walls

    Oh Sandy, you are truly a gifted and generous soul. I love everything you do and you make it look so easy. TFS your talent.

  20. Kim Bosworth

    Fantastic art, inspiration to work on Christmas, and always good fun with Sandy!!!

  21. Kathy Andrews

    OMGosh Sandy, these ornaments with the pets inside (LOVE the poochie in particular because I have two of my own… he-he) are fabulous. You did such a nice job with the greenery, and I think you did fabulous with the string ribbon and berries. I think I might be heading to your site to pick up those classes. Thank you so much for sharing… and Happy Christmas in July.

  22. Deb Phelan

    Just Stunning Sandy! Always amazing me with your creativity.

  23. Connie

    I love these! Your work is always gorgeous.

  24. Natalie Dominguez

    Oh gosh, so cute! The kitty is my favorite! I always feel so intimidated to try watercolor. You inspire me.

  25. Kim

    Love Love Love


    OH my goodness, how cute are these cards. Love the ornaments and the pup is adorable. The same thing happens when we try to put a Santa hat on our pup! Amazing cards, love them both.


  27. Cathy Ailanjian

    A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Sandy, I’ve really enjoyed all your previous CCC cards, or should I say, works of art! These are at the top of my favs.

  28. Lisa

    These are beautiful and I love your videos!

  29. Angelene

    I love this and you made it seem simple enough to try! I was wondering how to use the critters with hats stamps and this gives me inspiration. I can’t wait to try a bauble!

  30. Nina S

    I normally avoid Christmas posts this time of year. But these are too cute! Plus, I love CCC. Thank you for the link for free shipping and for the giveaway!

    • Betsy

      Love watching your card making on YouTube. You make the process look like everyone can create them. The water coloring makes the ornaments look just like a glass ornament

  31. Christina M.

    I saw the image for this post in the CCC email and I instantly knew it was a Sandy Allnock work of art, it made me smile! I wish I could make watercolor look as effortless as you. I just started your jump start watercolor class, so maybe some day. I love how a stamp set, or a release of stamps, leads so many talented people in a bunch of different (but brilliant) directions. And I am always up for some Christmas in July!

  32. Christine Monsen Osen

    You did it again. This is so pretty ♥️

  33. Jenn Morrill

    Joyful ornies! Love them!

  34. Giselle D.

    You always amaze me with your talent! I love how realistic the glass ornaments look!

  35. Diane Tignor

    Thank you for sharing your talent so freely. I love these ornaments.
    All the best to you!

  36. Roxanne Spearman

    Love love love your work! You are such a great teacher and a beautiful artist!

  37. Rose Dittmer

    Sandy, another home run! These are soooo cute! I’m always in awe of your talent!

  38. Elise Gerke

    Your amazing talent leaves me with my jaw on the floor!! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial on how to recreate it.

  39. Maureen Sellers

    Love your glass effect on the ornaments!

  40. Laurie Liebich

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your cards.

    • Kristina Hein

      These ornaments are so awesome! You are always amazing. I’ll definitely have to take a look at the new class. Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

  41. Joni M

    Absolutely fabulous!

  42. Shirl

    Fabulous water coloring! You make everything seem doable! I could watch you all day. Thanks Sandy.

  43. GiniK

    Love, love, LOVE to watch you paint, my dear! And you’re right – it’s time to get Christmas card-making started. Thanks for the nudge, and I will be replaying this tutorial many times, I’m sure.

  44. Kristie Johnson

    I always love watching you create! Colorado Craft stamps are some of my all time favorites! When you use them they just come alive! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world as also and opportunity to receive some of these beautiful stamps. ♥️

    • Samantha

      Those snow globes are absolutely adorable! Beautifully done!

  45. Kirstin

    These glass ornaments look stunning! I would have never thought of creating them with watercolors

  46. Jen

    I love these Sandy, I have more classes in the basket, one day I’ll even have enough time to complete them all

  47. MARY ANN

    so lovely. last night i was wondering what to start next and you have nudged me to try watercolor some christmas cards! will definitely sign up for the class and check out CCC’s stamps.

  48. Chris Galbraith

    I love your ornaments. I’m heading over to watch the video now. Beautiful technique!

    • Vickie Leaf

      I love your tutorials. I’m trying a little bit of watercolor. This really helps.

  49. Denise

    You created such beautiful cards. Your glass ornaments have so much dimension.

  50. Barbara Taylor

    Sandy, you have inspired me to pick up my watercolors again. You make painting fun and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing these precious cards.


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