I asked on social media earlier this week for some questions I could answer in this vlog…some were more of tutorial suggestions but there were a few that could generate some storytelling while you watch me paint! By the way – there’s no white paint in this piece at all. Negative painting, baby!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

Big thanks to those who replied to provide some questions for today’s video! I’m pretty awful at stuff like using Stories, so I know lots of folks are used to ignoring mine. LOL. But it was a fairly long video anyway even with just those – so it’s all good.

Paintings for sale

I’ve put several of my ocean pieces in the shop – the smaller studies are up for a good deal, check them out here.


Each week on the Friday video I summarize what’s been on socials. Partly so I can find things again easily later (ha!) but also so YOU can see what you missed and go catch it. Click on a picture to go to the social post.


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