In which Underwater Scenes (kelp) become a wintry scene! It’s also related to a scene in Winter Wonderland…more trees, more drama, more color. You don’t have to take classes, of course, but I do like to let new subscribers know there’s more in-depth teaching available, as well as letting students see a way to apply what they’ve learned.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

This little bear is wearing a plaid scarf (because who wouldn’t, if they were a bear in the woods?) and sitting amid the “Misty Mountains” lesson from Autumn Scenes class. I know it’s a tough background but I haven’t seen many people posting this background! 

This is a fall-ish version of the winter card, but instead of a road, the black bears are snuggled into a clearing in the forest. And…bird watching. Because bears do that, right?


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